DiS Executive Stress Thread

Please give this thread a squeeze if you’re feeling on edge

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Is this the filth thread?

Ah, man. I need to dig out my stress turtle.


My deal is back on, so yes I am a wee bit stressed waiting for revised documents to hit me and then the speed at which I’m going to have to move to get this done by tonight.

Alright, Theresa


Honestly, politicv aside, I have felt for that woman in recent weeks re deal juggling tensions/ no deal/ different deal. Welcome to my daily life.

Love a good corporate stress toy. Got a cow from the Government of Jersey, now lives in my car since we went clear desk earlier this year.

How big is your fucking car?


I KNEW someone would make this joke and made no effort to mitigate it.

Happy to help.

No sympathy whatsoever. All her problems are entirely self-inflicted, obviously.


And mine arent’? :laughing::rofl:

I’m pretty sure you are very good at your job.

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