DiS Experiments


Thread for suggesting and testing hypotheses.

Test subjects required. DiS takes no responsibility for loss or injury sustained during any of the experiments that this thread inspires.

I propose that a month on a diet of Guinness and Pork Scratchings will make anyone measurably more attractive to all genders.

I’m willing to be the test subject for this one. Sadly I won’t be at Fenino to put this to the test but I’ll report back on my anecdotal findings along the way.


the note technique can FINALLY be tested


surely the great (and only) joy of our new post-truth world is that we no longer have to worry about the tedious business of proving things?


My diet is basically Guinness and peanuts, does me no harm.


might do an experiment where i literally do no work tomorrow and see if my boss notices next week


I don’t think the world is ready for a ‘measurably more attractive’ version of saps.