DiS FC // 10th anniversary // Sunday 25 November

Ten years have flown by. The big day is almost upon us and the time has come to make final preparations.

Anyone is invited, regardless of how many games you have played in the past. It just would be so good to see all your faces again.

There are two parts to our 10th anniversary celebrations.


We will be returning to the scene of our very first game, Regents Park, for a very special Reds v Blues game. Rain or shine, this will happen. No problem if you haven’t played recently, taking part is more important than skill, flair or fitness. We will play on grass so adjust your footwear accordingly, although you’ll probably can get away with turning up wearing trainers or clogs.

If your body is not up for playing then you are more than welcome to cheer us on, or more likely, to point and laugh at all the stupidity going on.

As is customary at Regents Park, we don’t know which pitch we play on until the day. The plan is to turn up at the Hub (the circular building on the little hill near the pitches) between 1 PM and 1:30 PM. I’ll need a hand to collect the nets and corner flags. The aim is to kick off as soon as we have two full squads, as it is getting dark earlier and earlier and we don’t want to have to abort the game because of fading light. If you are running late you may have to look around the pitches to find us, as once we kick off I can’t answer my phone any more. When the game is finished I’ll need a hand again to return the nets and corner flags.

Link to the location of The Hub:


Once we’re all done with the football it is time to rest the legs and get all nostalgic, reliving those days of yore. I have booked the upstairs room at The Windsor Castle (98 Park Road, NW1 4SH) which can be found on the edge of the western side of the park. The pub is located less than 5 mins walk from Baker Street, so it’ll be easy to get home from, even if you decide to stay until closing time. During the party there may be awards, there may be a cake, there may be impromptu speeches, there even may be one or more special guests. If you have ever been to one of the DiS awards nights you’ll know what to expect. Feel free to suggest anything else we can do the make our celebrations even more fun.

The pub does serve food, including a Sunday roast and the usual selection of burgers and chips. I haven’t ordered anything in advance, but if a lot of people are keen to eat you should let me know, so I can put the kitchen on notice.

Link to the location of The Pub


As is traditional, I will be collecting a fiver from everyone who participates in the game. But, as this is a special celebratory edition of Reds v Blues, all proceeds will be donated to Stand Up To Cancer, so all players are encouraged to be a bit more generous if they can afford it: https://www.standuptocancer.org.uk/


I do need to know in advance how many people will be turning up, both for the football and for the party. Please let me know if:

  • I want to play football
  • I want to watch the football
  • I want to party party party

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Hope to see you all on the 25th!



IN (the original, cool Jake)


I’ve sent a reply to you via e-mail, but it might help others if my questions are here, too:

  • Will we have use of The Hub after the game, to get showered/changed, if we want to?
  • I can make the match and the party, but my girlfriend may want to come along as well. Is there a deadline for letting you know exact numbers?

Posting to tentatively declare an interest in the possibility of making a debut at this…?

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Oh my goodness am I unfit though. The timing of being towards the end of a long period of writing AND being old is really going to show.

To whit - happy to go in goal for a quarter

Would very much like to come down, will see what transport is like and what my Sunday league team’s fixture list looks like

I haven’t booked a changing room, because of the additional cost, and often most people don’t bother using it, especially if our pitch is far away from The Hub. However, if there are several people who want to use the changing rooms I can contact Regents Park and see if i can book one.

For the game I’ll probably need to know by the final Thursday. For the party it doesn’t really matter, but I have to give the pub some warning if my original estimate differs significantly from the final expected number.

It most certainly is.

We’d love to see you to make your debut. Bergkamp on the team sheet, can you imagine …


I’m not too fussed about changing rooms (the website says that you can hire them in pairs at £54 - so perhaps a single one is half that), but if it’s wet, the pub might get a bit sniffy about us turning up covered in mud.


One of the people on the DiS football Mount Rushmore.

I’ve just remembered the Moodies, is that still a thing? Was that ever a thing?

I’ll keep you posted on other stuff I remember.

Time to start looking back to 10 years of glorious football.

This is how it all started:


Good luck to all, it’s great that this has been going for ten years (and that DiS is still a thing after all this time)

(Also could anyone still harping on about nested forums please click hoogy’s link and scroll down a bit)


Today we’ll remind ourselves of the worst pitch we ever played on.


Who is that hunky chap on the left in the mid-90s training top?




Oh I am up 4 this by the way. Can I bring a pal or is it Dissers as priority and then if we’re short of numbers?

I had a group of lads chant “Shaka Hislop! Shaka Hislop!” at me once, when I was on the tube wearing that top.