DiS FC // 10th anniversary // Sunday 25 November



Good luck to all, it’s great that this has been going for ten years (and that DiS is still a thing after all this time)

(Also could anyone still harping on about nested forums please click hoogy’s link and scroll down a bit)


Today we’ll remind ourselves of the worst pitch we ever played on.


Who is that hunky chap on the left in the mid-90s training top?




Oh I am up 4 this by the way. Can I bring a pal or is it Dissers as priority and then if we’re short of numbers?


I had a group of lads chant “Shaka Hislop! Shaka Hislop!” at me once, when I was on the tube wearing that top.


Numbers are looking pretty good so I’d say DiSers for now, but I’ll let you know closer to the date if we need any ringers.


I’m in: getting an early train back from Preston that day, but should be there in plenty of time.


I’m very excited for this. Look forward to Regents Park canceling it 5 minutes before kick off and us playing anyway.


I’m downgraded to a confirmed OUT. Please try to have a lovely time in my absence, everyone


How could we possibly now with this news?!


I want the full gundogan/neymar treatment please




RIP u will live on forever. Cant believe it. I wanna run to u. Really cant believe this. @


Feel pure shite just want Aggpass back x


Was that the game where we were kicked off the pitch halfway through and decamped to another part of the park to play with jumpers for goalposts?


Yes, it was.


The only team photo in existence where we wear our blue kit with the old logo. From 2011.



FYI: if you are considering bringing your offspring to the party, I have checked with the Windsor Castle and children are allowed in. Bring a pen, as we may offer your kid a contract, before Man City muscles in.


I would fricking love to go to this but I can’t :’(