DiS Film Club Megathread

Let’s share some ideas for themes, one-off events, and just films we’d like to give the DiS film club treatment.


For a start, we obviously need to watch the Soviet LOTR adaptation from the 90s.

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it’s coming up to oscars season right? (probably, idk)

could we do academy award winning films? or nominated films that never won or something like that?


Tbf i think its worked best/easiest when someone just picks a film they want to watch and potential dates.

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Agreed, that generally works great. Just thought we could have a dedicates place to discuss ideas etc :nerd_face:

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My favourites were when one person chose a few films and we all voted on their picks


Ive just got Kes on DVD, so Kes. Or Bird films.

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did Woman in the Window ever get watched?

oh boy, did it ever


oh yeah you thought the ending was trash

still annoyed by it now. was pretty great up to then too

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fewer windows and fewer women than i expected

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Could do a Queer Film Club or Round the World film club?

Would need to see what’s available online, but re: queer film Fucking Amal (Show Me Love) by Lukas Moodysson is on YouTube with English subs and I’ve been meaning to rewatch it.


BTW haven’t done film club before. Is it usually live watch/post or watch whenever and post after?

Watch with live chat!

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/with significant time delay depending on connection/dinner related issues


We did LGBT+ as a theme last year i think but i don’t see any reason why we couldn’t reuse themes after a while. Or if you’d like to watch a specific film you can just pick a date. We’d love to have you join in!


Ace. Would be cool to do Fucking Amal as everyone will be able to access it for free - it’s a not-much-happens coming of age drama though so not sure if film club works with more understated films? But it’s very good. I’ll have a look through some of the old threads later to see how it works.

The chats tend to be funnier the more ridiculous the film, but we don’t necessarily want to watch another Noah every week

Is there a preferred platform? Can think of a very ridiculous film that would be good for live chat, but the only legit place it’s on is Amazon Prime.

(Sorry for all the questions)