DiS Film Day 2 - Casting actors to play community members


Go on then, say an actor to play a community member in a film for some reason.

Yeah we’ve probably done this before, yeah it’s not especially interesting or entertaining, yeah it’s not even an official day but can we just get on with it please?


Antpocalypsenow - Ardal O’Hanlon


vin diesel - japes


Wait, I’m an actor!? Wait, Ardal O’Hanlon is a community member!?

Please work on your formatting, friend.


Gene Hackman - zxcvbnm




Gene Hackman couldn’t tap into that n00b mindset enough to be convincing IMO.




He’s a fine actor (probably, I don’t know).


Ruffers: a young, method-acting Nic Cage


I’d like to see what Affleck (Benjamin) would bring to the Ruffers role tbh


I would like to see Theo rebooted by Idris Elba




I would also like to see this.

I would like to see any of these guys take a crack at nailing that xylo brand:


Hemsworth to accurately capture my physique pls


can think of a few posters i’d like to see get booted by big idris


Which one?


I feel like Elba’s next logical step is just playing everyone a la eddie murphy.




if danny devito can do cockney wide boy then we’ve got a balonz