DiS Film Discussion Club #1: Three Colours Blue (1993)

Our first film was chosen by @Unlucky!!

It’s included with Amazon Prime or 2.49 if not, it’s £1.99 at rokuten.tv, otherwise check here for other streaming/rental links:

Cheap DVDs are on ebay or Amazon. Otherwise… internet, innit.

Let’s aim to watch over the weekend and discuss next week?

Dracula’s what?!


oh also, if you want to be up for choosing a film, please vote in the poll here:

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already seen it, good choice

(will rewatch)


same, haven’t seen it in a decade probably. never seen it in HD :yum:


I had the best intentions, yeah honestly


I am on holiday next week so probs won’t be involved in this one but I am still IN generally

I just moved it to the top of my Cinema Paradiso list, so hopefully IN.

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Got this one on DVD, #pals.

Rewatched Dekalog recently. Fucking magic, especially the first film.

Have people seen Kieślowski’s early documentaries - Workers, From the City of Łódź, etc?

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Ah, this has been on my Prime watchlist for quite a while. Good.

Never seen this, always intended to, I’m in London over the weekend so if someone wants to host a screening that’s cool

i could maybe do this!


exciting! (still won’t come)


Great first choice, looking forward to revisiting it.

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I was literally thinking the other day about watching the Three Colours trilogy - I’ve seen two but can’t really remember which ones so good choice!might watch all 3 and see how they all fit in

I’ve got Prime, I’ve got the house to myself this weekend, I’ve been meaning to watch this for years - there’s no reason for me not to get involved.

Stay tuned for my amazing excuse as to why I didn’t next week.


ignore me I’m a twat

I’m in for this - embarrassed to say I’ve not seen any of this trilogy


Is there a thread for getting on the list for who chooses a film?

Yes, this.

seems tooo simple

if people wanna steal it they can figure that out on their own. if you cant afford 1.99 then you just can’t be arsed tbh.