DiS Film Discussion Club #1: Three Colours Blue (1993)

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oh fuck me it’s not my morning, I thought the justwatch was one of those streaming sites

my apologies

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Back in the 90s, The Sunday Times did a weekly film on VHS with the paper which was great (aside from having to buy The Sunday Times natch). Three Colours Blue was the second one I picked up (after Naked). Really helped build my collection back then.

Don’t still have the VHS sadly. Do however have it on DVD. Am away this weekend (weather permitting) so will have to see if I can fit in a watch…

Not gonna get involved - just wanna say the Three Colours Trilogy is my all time cinematic favourite. Unbeaten IMO.

People give White a bit of a kicking but I think it’s amazing.

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Yeah g’wan then

this had better not be just “OK”

I’m in. Can’t wait to share my expert opinions of either ‘I liked it’ or ‘I didn’t like it’ with you all

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I picked it because I liked it… a lot.


I haven’t but will definitely keep an eye out.

I have only seen Dekalog on a dodgy ebay copy where the subtitles were woeful, so need to buy a proper copy. Might do that now.

Was thinking about picking one of the ‘short films about…’ but they weren’t on any streaming service.


We’re watching drunken master next week though


Didn’t think I would have time to write a little bit about the film but with the snow and stuff. I’ve had more time to ponder on the film.

I wasn’t that into films as a teenager but I slowly got more into them. I failed Maths AS Level and instead of applying myself and trying to get a good grade I dropped it and looked to make up UCAS points by taking other AS levels at a local college, one of which was Film Studies. I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I did want to go to University and move away from home. Film seemed like the easiest and most enjoyable option from the AS level and after some small debate with my father away I went to Aberystwyth.

In the first year you had a small number of credits to make up from other departments and I think the Language department had a module on French arts. This film was one the parts of the module. I can’t remember if I missed the original showing or decided to re-watch it but remember being in an empty computer room when it finished and being completely knocked over by it. I doubt I had seen too many foreign language films before it or even ‘art-house’ films.

Think it shows the torment of grief like no other. There’s one scene imparticular that I think about a lot when I think about the numb pain of grief.

The lead performance is one of the best, absolutely faultless. I love the soundtrack too and listen to it often.

Sorry of any of this sound wanky, hope you all enjoy it anyway.


Also my sister called me a weirdo when I asked for the trilogy one birthday.

Just realised I’ve lent my DVDS to a friend in Leeds so will have to pay the £1.99 too. Though have asked them to post them.

Dekalog’s fucking brilliant

Seeing as it’s actually a tv series I reckon you could argue it’s the best tv show of all time

done yourself

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watched this tonight, and no spoilers -

basically, enjoyed it but felt as though it could have been executed a little better. premise, acting and music were suberb, but it felt a bit thrown together and not very well thought through. there were some really…visceral moments, but quite a lot of it felt rushed, and some characters seemed inconsequential in a way that didn’t really tie in with what the film was trying to say.

idk really though.



I’m going to watch this in a bit, I think. This is a wicked idea by the way, especially given how hard it can be to decide to watch one specific film when faced with the infinite “holy-shittery” of choices offered by all these streaming platforms (also, I’ve got Amazon Prime Video until my account runs out in May).

My contributions to any discussion will probably be shite. I’m often rubbish at articulating what I liked / disliked about stuff without sounding like a complete idiot.

I don’t really have a ‘favourite film’ as such, but if I did this might be it.

I’m too lazy to check. Is this on Netflix?

you’re gonna be an art cinema connoisseur soon enough!

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on the official arthouse ‘is this too arthouse’ barometer this probably ranks as just about uncomfortably arthouse, for me.