DiS Film Discussion Club #2: The 400 Blows (1959)

Our second film has been chosen by @manches!!!

The 400 Blows (Les Quatre Cents Coups) (1959)
Dir.: François Truffaut
Country: France


It’s included with Amazon prime or is £2.49-£3.49 to rent (SD/HD). The cheapest streaming option is £1.99 at rokuten.tv again, or is on itunes for £3.50.

I guess let’s aim to watch it over the weekend and discuss next week, or whenever.

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Bloody great film This, think I’ve still got the DVD somewhere

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Remember it being quite good but not seen it in many years so will be good to rewatch.


aye same, probably among the bearable french new wave stuff tho

I was the same, watched it on a whim for the first time in a few years. Got some good nostalgia associated with the film and it was nice to have it confirmed that the charm, humour, melancholy wasn’t just in retrospect.

Brilliant film. I’ve seen Jules at Jim and Confidentially Yours too. Need to check more of his stuff out.

Oi oi. Again, got this on DVD. Not sure i’ve ever watched it.

bloody love film club


A side thing. That poster of the film that the OP used is brilliant.

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old recollection of this, again. the ending was really well shot but film felt lightweight. i’m not one of those who has an upper limit of appreciation for films about young people.

Watched this. Really liked some of the shots and very ahead of its time obviously but not massively doing it for me.


Could these be posted earlier in future?

I’ve added this to my Cinema Paradiso but Three Colours Blue hasn’t arrived yet and I’m not allowed to watch Gremlins unless my wife is out.*

*not a euphemism

I posted it on tuesday!

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Did you like Mysterious Skin

I might give this a go over the weekend

I did! Bit of cutting up onions happening while watching tbh

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I’m just terrible at noticing things!

Got my second favourite final shot in this

Whole thing is maybe a little bit more lightweight than I’d remembered it being but fucking hell it’s absolutely gorgeous. Some top mise-en-scène from the big lad

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The POV shot during that centrifuge scene blew my mind this time round. I don’t quite know why