DiS Film Discussion Club #3: Dr. Strangelove (1964)

Oh that’s a shame, would’ve been good to make you all watch anime

Picked at random from this lot:

(People can still join)


although that said, i’m gonna be a bit of a dick and skip over the people who haven’t taken part in any of these so far


Gonna watch this tomorrow night probably

Love full metal jacket

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ooh bookmarks

His Lolita adaptation is good, it can’t quite hit the essence of Nabakov (but then I doubt any film would be able or allowed to do that… or should) and it is interesting how the two share quite a lot by function of being made around the same time

may have been an intentional word choice :wink:

me and some pals took part in this a couple of years ago…


I’d be down for that (though I’d probably dip in and out / I always view myself as being a slow reader, although I have been absolutely CANING THRU LITERATURE OF LATE ABSOLUTELY CANING IT MY SON)

by all accounts, kubrick was completely horrible to her and forced her to do excessive takes just coz he wanted her to be more exhausted, and screamed and yelled at her for being stupid the entire time. later she had a nervous breakdown :confused: pretty dark really.

damn, it was a fun day, too :frowning:
maybe inappropriate for an art project. we were members of the public

I still really like The Shining as a film, but I’m so glad the tide is turning on Kubrick’s behaviour towards Duvall from “a genius trying to carve out a realistic performance” bollocks to talking about it as the unnecessary dickheadedness that it was.

Actors know how to act, and the glorification of this sort of thing just makes young filmmakers think it’s acceptable and artistically fruitful to just be a total prick to people who are supposed to be their creative collaborators.

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yeah few actors have a nice word to say him about him it seems. even george c. scott in dr strangelove said that he only did such over the top takes because kubrick told him they were ‘practice’ takes and wouldn’t be used in the final film, which of course they mostly were.

i mean doing extreme things on set is sometimes necessary if you want to achieve extreme results but should obviously be by mutual consent and where there are safeguards in place. there’s that story about the end of the exorcist as well, where apparently nobody seemed scared enough so william friedkin walked up behind them and fired a pistol into the air and then yelled action.

you’d like to think people wouldn’t get away with that sorta stuff now but it’s probably pretty commonplace. david o’russell seems like one of the biggest dickheads going.


Is there anyone who didnt like this? I dont want it to seem like 'oh heres TKC not liking something again" but when I saw it it just left me a bit cold
I think its probably that older comedies never aeem to grab me but I dunno

what didn’t you like about it?

Would have laid a bet on you liking Eyes Wide Shut after implying Dr Strangelove isn’t a definitively amazing movie.

Great film.

Love multiple Sellers.

Love Darth Vader obviously.

Eyes Wide Shut is well underrated imo. Took me a couple of viewings to get it.

You sound like a Radiohead fan trying to justify liking a Moon Shaped Pool.

(Not seen EWS because I never met a person or read a review that liked it at the time.)

I dont really like AMSP fwiw.

Me neither. But my analogy is slightly more cutting because you don’t :wink: