DiS Film Discussion Club #4: Drunken Master (1978)


Our fourth film was chosen by @profk

Drunken Master (1978)
Dir: Yuen Woo-ping
Country: Hong Kong


Streaming Links:

Profk notes that his preferred version is the english dubbed version rather than the original cantonese.





think this is the first one i hadnt already seen
may participate


It’s been ages since I’ve watched this, or pretty much anything like it.

I completely forgot to watch Dr Strangelove, though. am I kicked out of the club?


Don’t think i’ve ever seen a martial arts film.


I’ll watch this on Monday


i will elevate this to our board and get back to you with our decision within 6 weeks


what better way to start!


So I assume with these film clubs we just discuss the film etc?!
Cos drunken master is fucking great. :+1:


what’s your threshold price for buying vs renting a film?

£2.50 vs £6.

am i going to watch drunken master three times?


probably going to steal this one tbh


Is this on amazon pr anything?

I’ll be watching this weekend.

Tbh i dont know anything so probably wont have much to say.

Let’s watch some films by women lol


also really going to struggle watching the dubbed version :grimacing: hate dubbed films :grimacing: :grimacing:


yeah this!


we can watch something else if no one wants to watch this, i don’t really care tbh.


No i would love to watch this. Just meant I have no clue about martial arts films. All the more reason to watch it :slightly_smiling_face:


nah it’s all good man, good to have a variety of stuff!


if it’s not a fairly accessible french arthouse film I’m not interested!


(i’m ned in this scenario)


it can be interesting seeing what people who don’t know much about specific genres or whatever have to say about them though