DiS Film Discussion Club #4: Drunken Master (1978)

Watched this tonight, found it hard to get on with but that’s mainly coz of the dub as expected. Was thinking of rewatching the mandarin version but apparently it’s lost/damaged :disappointed: enjoyed some of the physical comedy stuff and thought jackie chan was pretty amazing but there wasnt nearly enough training/ancient wisdom for me. Could have lived with 3 less fight scenes.

Already seems loads better tbh

I missed this thread. Going to try to watch this tonight… or at least part of it. It just took me four nights to watch After Hours because I can’t keep my eyes open

Jackie chan is excellent :+1:

Going to watch this and eat breakfast. This is a breakfast friendly film right?

Snazzy :+1:

I don’t think I was stoned enough to fully appreciate this film but I was sober enough to pick up on some of the subtle humour.
comedy xylophone run

So glad I didn’t see this as a kid because I definitely would have made hundreds of attempts at doing some of those excellent Jackie Chan head flips and would definitely have broken my neck.
What else? Oh, I did think ‘that would make a good gif’ about 256 times which can only be a good thing.

Yeah, the poached eggs on crumpets were lovely too. There are definitely worse ways to spend a Wednesday morning

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whoops i was gonna watch this but forgot

will try and find it tonight

I may try and have a gander round for this at some point (was away all weekend this week!)

i keep forgetting to do it casuse i don’t think ill like it

i will do it this weekend definitely

watched this again for like the millionth time the other night, but probs gonna watch it again tonight with my atd who’s staying over (we’d get stoned and watch kung fu films pretty much every night at uni)

but anyway, I love this film. The choreography is incredible, and I love the slapstick humour. The scenes with Thunderleg (Hwang Jang-lee) are particularly impressive, but all the fight scenes are executed perfectly (love the exaggerated sound effects and camera work).

Its a kung fu comedy action film where the protagonist has to get mullered in order to defeat his opponents. what’s not to like.


glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

I remember the every frame a painting episode on jackie chan being good (assuming you haven’t watched it ages ago)


would like to have seen his aunt kick some more people’s asses

basically can’t get into dubbed films, and especially here it felt like the american voices were taking the piss out of it, like an episode of MST3K or something.

Yeah, the aunt was excellent. More aunt.

the problem with watching it subbed is that the humour doesn’t really make sense. that’s why I always watch kung fu comedy flicks in dubbed english.

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I got about 45 mins through this last night before falling asleep (not the film’s fault), Chan had just met the Drunken Master/Uncle guy. So far I’m enjoying it well enough but I’m not a big Chan fan normally and the slapstick was starting to grate slightly so I’ll be interested to see how I feel by the end. The fight choreography has been really excellent. I particularly enjoyed the fight against ol’ auntie rubberlegs. The wee fella with the pencilled on freckles is creeping me out a bit though.

I watched Drunken Master last night, the English dubbed version.

Not a martial arts film fan at all and while this film didn’t convert me it was still an entertaining couple of hours.
Not sure kung fu comedy is my thing really, it seemed a bit disrespectful towards ancient wisdom etc but that may have been mostly the exaggerated and irreverent dubbing style.

The fight scenes were great though, although some of them strongly resembled break dancing styles. I loved watching the Drunken Master guy, something about his movements/flow and the way he held onto his jug of wine was captivating.

Finally finished this last night at the third time of asking. It hasn’t converted me to a Jackie Chan fan but I liked it a lot better than some of his others I’ve seen. Thunderleg was a total badass with some great insults


And then after that last one, Chan tried to come back with one of his own that reminded me of Monkey Island Insult Swordfighting


Not sure what he was trying to achieve with that one.

Everything seemed to end very suddenly. Much like this reply. Bye!

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