DiS Film Discussion Club #7: Koktebel (2003)


also might be an idea to tell us more films in advance so we can download them or watch several at a time if we have a day free


i agree. i think we should all try watch it at a similar time as well so we can discuss it whilst its fresh. reason ive not watched this is because theres no impetus too. i could watch it but then have nothing to discuss


yeah this is a good idea. have a few lined up, and a very rigid schedule so we know exactly when the next one will come.

pretty sure eric’s not going to be doing it any longer though!


Okay, we’ll give this a go, see if it’s worth doing. We’ll try to do three a month as people had different opinions on whether weekly or fortnightly was better, and we’ll put the full list for the month up so people know what’s coming up as requested. Obviously the main thing’s to, y’know, watch the films…

I’ll start a new thread in the next few days. If anyone who expressed an interest in the initial poll still wants to submit a choice PM me and we’ll do them in the order submissions are made. Just ignore this otherwise…

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See above post…

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See above post…

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…and obviously if anyone else wants to submit a film just send details and links via PM.


I really wanted to get in on this one (all of them, but especially this one). I’ve just been struggling to feel like I can cope with watching anything (alone at least).


are we still getting this set up?


Nah. I contacted all 30-odd people who fancied it in the initial poll and only three got back to me.


ah thats a shame. fair enough though