DiS Film Discussion Club


This idea came up in the pub the other night. We’d pick a few films, vote on which one to watch and then chat about it. Say once every couple of weeks.

You interested?

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DiS Film Discussion Club #3: Dr. Strangelove (1964)
DiS Film Discussion Club #1: Three Colours Blue (1993)

Cinema or old stuff, or a mix of the 2?


Old stuff would probably be better wouldn’t it? As people chat about cinema stuff anyway generally don’t they?


I think anything goes except super new releases. Should be out on DVD at least.


Can we watch Cemetery Junction firsf?


stuff on netflix pls


Nah too boring and limiting a selection


i’m not going out and buying a dvd though

it’s 2018


If only there was another way to watch films for free on the internet in 2018!


you wouldn’t steal a car


Go to blockbuster!

Oh… :frowning:


I reckon you should just randomly pick someone from the interested list each week and they pick a film.


TKC though…


good idea


good point


They pick a film. I won’t necessarily watch it


i think you should have to commit yourself all in beforehand


Fuck it, I will sit through an entire fucking Ricky gervais film for this website. Pricks


we have a ‘film club’ at work where we watch the same film at the weekend then discuss on monday

I was too anxious to watch this weekend’s film, taxi driver, but obviously I have seen it before unlike all of my really weird colleagues who must have grown up without tvs/computers/etc.


Yeah I think it should have to be pretty accessible. Guess netflix is probably the most common one but might limit choices.

Happy to share my Mubi login with trusted users via dm if required.

Or could post a couple of dvds around each time if people could be bothered