DiS Film Discussion Club

I dunno not used Itunes in a couple of years, I guess you can but don’t know how obscure that goes.

I guess it’s in the interest of the selector to pick an easily accessible film, else the discussion will end up pretty thin

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Hold up

Maybe if the peraon whose choice is selected guides people to where they can watch it ?

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Could maybe do a thing where someone livestreams it on their laptop at a certain time/times and people talk about the next day or soemthing?

Or is this too illegal?

Think these are a good starting point. Will give people a chance to sign up this week, pick someone from the list, announce a film towards the end of the week, then discuss as and when - no strict timings or owt.


Looking forward about this



Like this allows you to share what you’re watching online with 10 people I think.

Is it worth having an upper time limit?

Yeah perhaps we could “PM” them for a “link” to where you can “watch” it

Nah just dont take the piss or nobody will watch it

that JustWatch app/site allows you to see if it’s on Netflix/Amazon/Mubi etc. but also how much it is to rent/buy from a load of places. might be helpful in this instance? link to it and see do a vote on whether enough people have access/are happy to pay for the suggested film?

Think we just need to leave it up to the chooser’s discretion really, obviously justwatch will be helpful for doing that though. When I post it i’ll include various links/info about where you can watch it.

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I find just googling a film name followed by online works most of the time for me

Googling online is always quicker than when disconnected

meant to be that thunderbirds gif but it’s not fuckin loading


I know it doesn’t even work but I couldn’t not post it

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Yeah fairly easy to find stuff in garbage quality, but ya gotta have standards

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so what are we watching



How about just picking whatever comes on Film 4. Might not be the best but I assume everyone can access that?

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