DiS Film Discussion Club

Cause we don’t want it to be The Wolf of Wall Street every week

Films are basically the same though


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Ok good luck with this

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Maybe we could do it where each month there is a theme or a topic or something and the films are chosen from within that, so there’s more of a common thread to compare stuff with?

I tried to organise this on old dis. I think the best way is to find a good working link and then pm it to the interested people.

I think wishpig chose the only film, a brian depalma film about fashion and murder, wasn’t a fan.

this month’s theme: public transport that can’t slow down

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Blockbuster still exists here in Germany :joy:

Looking forward to it

Very interested, very able to find most films to watch somewhere somehow.

And it’s a good plan, feels like a shame sometimes to watch an older classic and then no one wants to discuss because they’ve seen it years ago.

this sounds like it could be a good idea

though also something I might flake out on immediately


if you’ve already seen a film that someone chooses do you have to watch it again

*shrug* that’s up to you. i guess not if you remember it well enough and still wanna chat about it

at least this way we don’t have to get night buses home