DiS flat/cat swap/sitting thread

For finding each other for the above. No swapping of cats though that isn’t cool


But sitting on cats is? Jesus


At your own risk

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My cat is such a massive bellend that I’d still have to put him in the cattery regardless but I am 100% here for the house swap side, and for sitting on other people’s cats.

Not swappy but there’s going to be several weekends I’m already not here coming up if anyone wants the place, though nothing booked yet, I imagine I’ll be away for 3 nights sometime between August 28th and september 2nd.


separately, i note you’re dahn in lahndon tahn next week… got time for a mooch?

I read cat as car

hey my megane has a sun roof AND bluetooth. it’s okay to want to be me.

can confirm my cats fucking loved Scout and Scout The Younger.

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I don’t think I do this time around but I’ll build in some hang out with the LME time on the next trip, which shouldn’t be too far off :slight_smile:

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good, also i am potentially going to be hungover eating breakfast in manchester on 22nd august…

(also on next trip, if you two wanna, you’re welcome to stay with us? the cats would be delighted)

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Ah, that would be lovely.

Let me know about 22nd, I’ll get my mum to have M and I can join you

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tight. F playing a gig at the Apollo and almost definitely going to attend, but will give you warning closer to time x

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Let me know if you need to crash here, plenty of room to squeeze you (and others in) if so.

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My i30 has Bluetooth but a fault in the stereo and I’m barred from using a phone in the car for any reason until Aug 2022.

We don’t have a sun roof because in this country you’re basically asking for brutal sun burn.

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strongly noted - might be using some credit i have from a booking.com fuckup, but if not will shoutttt

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Time for Oscars reign of terror!


Me and my little sister are planning a UK mini break for sometime this year. No idea where yet but we both love cats :cat2:

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