DiS Football // Sunday 18 June // 4pm



Dan O is IN



We’ll sort out individual positions and the formation when we get together on Sunday.If anyone else fancies it, there is space for late additions!


Arthur ©
Ben T
CB Dave*
Dan S
James A


Dan O
Jon F
Loz ©
Matt W

*) attendance t.b.c.


CB Dave is 100% IN


Sean L is in


Sean’s mate Chris is IN


Sean’s mate Stu is IN


Ken is now confirmed IN.


Do we have enough for a drop out without disastrous imbalances? I’m feeling pretty grim having spent too long in the sun yesterday and frankly can’t think of many less appealing things than running around in 30 degree heat later on. I will do it if it’ll fuck things up by pulling out though because I am a good and fair man.


Please turn up, we need everyone for this game.

We’ll play 4 quarters instead of 2 halves to allow for extra water breaks, and I expect the pace will be even slower than usual.


Safe. I’ll see you there.


Bilal’s two mates with unknown names are IN


Update : one is called Suhayl and plays on the wing. Sean’s two mates are midfielders


Room for more? Stu might have ppl


Yes please! He can bring as many as he wants!


Gonna sleep in a bed of ice tonight.


I got in and sat down in a cold shower for about twenty minutes.


Sounds like my average weekday tbh


Match review: it was really really hot.


Result: Reds 7 Blues 5

for Reds: Elliott (x3), James (x2), Si, Chris
for Blues: Stu (x2), Bilal, Sean, Matt (?)


Most balanced game we’ve played this year so far. There was a little spell at the beginning of the second half when it looked like the Reds were gonna run away with the game, but the Blues fought back and if it hadn’t been for Ben’s heroic goalkeeping it could have easily been a draw.

Hope someone gave the young lad who went in goal for the Blues a bit of a peptalk after the game. He seemed a bit dejected but he did really well for most of the time, and he was unlucky a few times when spilling the ball after a some great saves.