DiS footy meat? 11th Feb Dulwich vs Tonbridge

Anyone fancy meeting up for the Dulwich vs Tonbridge match on Sat 11th Feb?

Guessing @Severed799 and @TheBarbieMovie2023 will be there unless they have other plans

Hopefully you’re both gonna be attending cos that would give us a base of absolute legends to work from.

Who’s up for this?

  • yes!
  • no thanks

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Could I bring an 8 year old?

Definitely, Dulwich Hamlet games are very family friendly so definitely a good DiS meat to bring a child to!

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Ok cool. Not even sure if I have plans that weekend and we live about 60 miles away, but my daughter is football mad at the moment, and I used to live on Lordship Lane.

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I was going to suggest a non league meetup thread the other day.

I’d love too but it’s the same day as Palace v Brighton.

I reckon Dulwich Tonbridge is the bigger rivalry :wink:


If there was a post match pub visit could easily get the Selhurst to Dulwich train after the game. Or once Palace are 3-0 down to @Yesiamaducktor boys

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cool, we’ll see how things pan out in terms of people fancying it and maybe a post-game pub trip will be on

often end up sticking around in the Champion Hill bar to watch the late kick off it’s interesting, but not sure if Bournemouth v Newcastle will tempt too many people

Clashes with Arsenal v Brentford

I am skint but have a season ticket so yes I’ll be there drinking my own cans