DiS Friday Afternoon Conference Call

Hi all, the details for this were emailed last week so I expect you all to be joining…

Obviously I didn’t circulate an agenda beforehand because I’m a lazy dickhead, but here’s one to start us off now:

  1. Issues with people connecting (15 minutes)
  2. Introductions (20 minutes)
  3. Time wasting pontification with a side of heavy breathing (45 minutes)
  4. Setting the time and date of the next call (30 minutes)
  5. AOB? (2 minutes)

“… has joined the call…”

Hello who’s that?

I think you’re on mute?

I’d like a chicken tikka dhansak, pilau rice and peshwari rice please.

I’ll collect.

‘it’s Friday so can’t complain, how about you?’

Any plans for the weekend

Hello? Hello?

Ok at our end we’ve got Dave, Willum, Saps, I think maosm is dialling in from home. Who’s at your end?

Hi sorry guys, my line cut out for about 3 minutes there, did I miss anything important?

ha ha sorry I was on mute.


opens IM window to Saps
Mate you just said that to the whole call! better go on mute

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Hi, could I remind everyone to put themselves on mute when they’re not speaking? Thanks.

Ok can I share my desktop? It’s not letting me. Can someone give me presenter?

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I think there’s a delay on … sorry this is distracting

Ok guys just bear with us for two minutes, sexybums trying to share his desktop

ma0sm! nice of you to join us from home. are you dressed mate!

can you see it yet? let me know when you can see it

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Yes could I please remind you all to mute your lines please because I’m getting a lot of feedback.


I’ve been on calls that have been 60 minutes of this.


Haha yes


Someone’s typing is being picked up by their microphone. Please mute your lines everyone


Sorry could you repeat that, it cut out for a second.

Can someone forward the webex details on to Steve, he should have been invited.

Sorry jont, could you repeat that please? I’m getting a lot of static and feedback on my end.