DiS Friday Afternoon Conference Call

So while we wait for ma0sm to reconnect, what’s everyone doing this weekend?

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I can hear you ma0som.

Yeah actually it should be ‘fewer’ widgets, not ‘less’

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hi, it’s sadpunk from the Nottingham office


I think it’s Labor Day next week. Can someone confirm before we agree a follow up?

Sorry I think we’re getting some crossed lines here. Can everyone put themselves on mute


Hello hello hello la la la this system is so shit this system is so shit I can’t hear anything la al la

Is anyone sharing their screen? Sorry I can’t see it I’m still trying to update the webex software.

Sorry I’m late my headset wouldn’t connect and I’m open plan today

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Oh! Hello billywhizz! It’s finally working again!

What did I miss?

Is anyone else here at the Nottingham office? I’m in 2.09 if you wanna join together

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Wait we’ve already started? I thought it was at 13:15 UK time

No European time, I think they’re an hour ahead

I just wanted to raise the fact that I didn’t have a direct invite to this meeting, sadpunk had to forward me the connection details. Can whoever the calendar organiser is please add me to the invite list?

It’s 14:15 here guys

oh man I’m meant to fill balonz in on what’s been discussed, can someone else take care of that?

Hold on we’re getting kicked out of this room.

I thought I had booked it. Oh this is BCR218. Ahh sorry

We’ll rejoin in 1 min everyone. Carry on without us while we grab a spare room.

I think the original invite came from Karen, is she on the call?

Epimer’s taking minutes isn’t he?

Sorry is it maosm@drownedinsound.com or maosm@drownedinsound.nl