Dis Fridge Day: What's in your Fridge Door specifically?

There is nothing on the outside of my fridge door.

On the inside, there are 2 cartons of oat milk, some coffee grounds, ketchup, half a tomato puree tube, a little jar of mustard.

Only got one little shelf on the top of the inside door. It currently has a tub of Clover, a stick of Lurpak garlic butter, a jar of lazy ginger and some wholegrain mustard.

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top shelf, l-r: wholegrain mustard, very lazy smoked garlic, garlic and herb dip from the pizza place, butter

bottom shelf, l-r: soy sauce, small bottle prosecco, orange and mango juice, more orange and mango juice, milk (semi-skimmed)

Two packs of spreadable butter
Umami paste
Garlic paste
Tomato paste
Three na brewdog beers
Water jug
Minor figures oat milk

bottom bit: milk (2 pints, semi-skimmed), britta water filter jug, ketchup, mayo, oyster sauce. 2 tubes of tomato puree in the top bit (one almost spent, one just opened)

Bottom shelf - Aldi Orange Juice, 2L whole milk and 2L Semi

Middle - French mustard (Grey Poupon since you ask), some chocolate bars from Caldey Island Monastery, Geeta’s mango chutney, Horseradish, tomato purée, apple sauce, vanilla extract, artichoke hearts, black olives, green olives

Top - Jar of ‘Hedgerow Jelly’ homemade jam given as a present from uncle Dave (not felt brave enough to try this yet),
half used jar of pesto, mint sauce,onion chutney, gherkin relish, Colmans mustard

All the shelves need cleaning.

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Scraps of orange juice
Diet lemonade
Cafe de parisienne chocolate liqueur
Fermented kimchi juice
Soya cream
Wholegrain mustard
Dijon mustard
English mustard
Finnish mustard ??!
Sambal oelek
Carolina reaper, blackberry and lemon thyme hot sauce
Tomato puree
Sushi ginger
Bay leaves
Harissa paste

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Milk, loads of insulin, and about a dozen of these:

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Carton of almond milk that probably needs chucking out
Half-full 500ml bottle of Sprite Zero
Bottle of Picpoul de Pinet
Squeezy bottle of Mayonnaise
Frank’s hot sauce
Bossk Atom Smasher hot sauce
Wasabi and yuzu paste
Jar of anchovies
Jar of harissa paste
Lemon juice
Half a dried out lemon
Withered piece of ‘fresh’ ginger
Tomato puree
Bottle of Italian salad dressing


Egg section.
Nail varnish section.
Noodle chilli oils section.
Oat milks, bottle of Baileys, ketchup.
Occasionally put my herbs like dill in one of the small sections in the middle as i like being assaulted by a door of green so i feel healthy

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girl dinner


Bottom: milk, fish sauce, hp sauce, franks mustard, okonomiyaki sauce, Tommy k, Mayo, bunch of coriander in a glass

First: 14 kinds of hot sauce, tamari

Second: wholegrain, English, Dijon mustard, four or five bulbs of garlic, achiote paste, ginger, several limes and satsumas

Top: two packs of hard butter, tomato purée

Top shelf
Wholegrain mustard
Dijon mustard
French mustard
Lime pickle
Ginger paste

Second shelf
Silverskin pickled onions
Dark tahini
Raspberry jam
Lemongrass paste
Lemongrass pieces

Third shelf
Firecracker paste
Jamaican jerk paste
Black bean & garlic paste

Fourth shelf
Tonkatsu sauce
Okonomoyaki sauce
Sweet chilli sauce
Jamaican hot sauce
Peri-peri sauce (medium)
Lemon juice concentrate
Lime juice concentrate

Bottom shelf
Pomegranate molasses
Fish sauce
2L milk (semi-skimmed)
White wine (Viognier)


ground coffee, sriracha sauce, 1x milk

From top to bottom

Several cheeses. A lot of pickles. A lot of sauces. A couple of pints of milk and some orange juice.

On the outside an absolute fucktonne of fridge magnets.

Isn’t tomorrow Fridgeday though?

Top shelf - empty butter packs for baking, tube of veggie pate (mushroom), tub of spicy tomato sauce from Indian takeaway, two mini packs ketchup, one mini pack mayo, harissa paste, whole grain mustard

Middle shelf - cranberry sauce, homemade grenadine, soy sauce, white miso paste, jar of preserved veg (misc)

Bottom shelf - tonic water, full white wine, half empty white wine, Campari, Aperol

Oh yeah we’ve got a load of these in there too. I never remember to use them though.

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had about 8 of them at one point, was getting ridiculous

might bake something tonight