DiS Gaming Livestreaming Thread

Thread to compile stream accounts, announce stream times, share tips in getting started.

PM me your details (URL, what you play, platform) and I’ll add you to a list of DiS members and we can get a stream community going.


Is @kermitwormit a trucker yet


Sorry, *two kievs kermit, as she likes to be called

Thanks for doing this @daggers. Will PM a link soon. No rush. Thanks again.

Quick Friday evening Dark Souls II stream. I will die. A lot.

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It was breaking me, got to stop. Back tomorrow to get him down.

Back wandering.

Fair to call this thread a complete failure

I’m single handedly trying to get it going by dying 1000 times in one sitting.

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What a Summon.

Stabbed the beast right in the face too.

You can parry the shit out of those Irithyll knights.

Out of parry practice. Will try.

Back for more punishment, streamy above somewhere.

I was gonna warn you about the archers but thought you wouldn’t see the post in time! That room messed me up!


What weapon is that? You really need to get some points into Strength or Dex instead of wasting it all on more health.

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I’m a noob.

That area is a maze. Found a way out once but forgot it immediately. Enough. For now.

Really fancy streaming me playing Hitman at some point

Just absolutely going for instant chaos


If you fancy it go for it. No ones forcing anyone to watch and sometimes streaming can provide extra motivation and potentially be entertaining also.

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one of my favourite YouTube channels is very Hitman causing chaos centric, it’s a winning combo :+1:


Use some Humanity on them pawns.