DiS Gaming Livestreaming Thread

no one has moved for ages in this game.

C’mon janitor.

Edit, it’s moving quickly now.

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Chess Vs Dark Souls.

Somewhat similar. Somewhat not.

Quick 30 mins.


Think I tuned In at exactly the right moment there… to see you getting eaten by a mimic!

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Sensing a Boss. Could be wrong. DS3. Spoilers probably, well definitely. Slow progress, but progress.

He ain’t never coming down.

next time I do a stream I’ll try to remember to post in here about it - mostly doing F1 2020 at the moment with older/different racing games sprinkled in, so if that sounds good then come say hi :+1:

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Can’t work out how you follow folk on Twitch unless they comment on something then I get it. Will follow when I work it out.

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Boss coming down (spoilers) Dark Souls 3.

Link a little above.

Will prob die though…


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Never any doubt!

Only took me 2 days.

Sorry, forgot about it, just realising it still exists since some of the Dark Souls thread comments.

I’ll try and keep an eye out for future stuff. Wish I had PC because if it’s not a first time play, it’s mods that usually make things interesting, so I don’t feel I have a lot that anyone would want to watch.

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Fall Guys.

No really. Slayer made me do it.

Just a quick peek.

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Some Fall Guys for anyone interested. Don’t expect me to get past round 2.


edit - round 1

Fall Guys is the ‘new’ Dark Souls after all.

Yes, indeed.

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Ponty run. Dark Souls III.


I’m about to put a foot mask on so might be here a while.

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He isn’t coming down any time soon.

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He is MF