DiS Gender Imbalance: The Next Step #SSP

Thought I’d set up a separate thread for this instead of hijacking the very useful AWA one.

Yesterday was, I think anyway, a great success. We had all kinds of threads and all kinds of fun and also learned a lot and gained a lot of perspective and insight that will help us go forward.
So how do we go forward?

I’d like to propose doing CMM again, but I’m not sure with what regularity, and, as has been raised elsewhere, it’s a bit unfair to keep heaping expectation/pressure on the very people we’re trying to encourage.
I don’t want us to look at yesterday and think that our work is done (I’m not saying anyone is, but still) so any and all suggestions of how we carry this forward will be greatly recieved.


Once a month would be nice. Too often and it loses any impact.


Yeah I was thinking once a month tbh. At least until we can find a more permanent way of making things balanced and make everyone feel included and comfortable.

Only non-cis men vote in this please

  • CMM monthly
  • CMM weekly
  • CMM fortnightly
  • Other (please specify)

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I hate when I’m trying to scroll down on my phone and end up voting in a poll. >:c


Also, bit confused by “only non-cis men vote”. Maybe I need more caffeine.

I’d like the poll to only be answered by people who aren’t cis men.

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Sorry. My brain was parsing it as “only men can vote but only if they are non-cis”. Gonna show this to my boss as evidence I should go home and back to bed.


Yeah sorry my hyphen was in the wrong place. As usual!

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Mentioned this in the other thread but is there a way of making it clear and visible that the boards are women friendly so that any woman who comes across them might be inclined to sign up and we end up with a more balanced community?

Is it an issue with the site in general? Should there be more features on women? Quick look at the DiS homepage and it currently has no women on it.


Haven’t been any new features on DiS for over a year, only the forums are operational afaik.

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Is there a reason why it’s ‘non-cis men’ rather than ‘women and non binary people’ or whatever? I get the intent but the implication is a bit unfortunate.


Wasn’t aware of that. Still not a great look though.

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Or just ‘non-men’?

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Because I was clumsy with my hyphenating. Unless you mean the use of ‘cis men’ in general which I wasn’t sure about in the first place but was kind of agreed upon in the initial thread as the best wording.

There was a conversation about what term to use as I wasn’t really comfortable making the decision.

But trans men are men? Feels a bit othering to be put in a separate category.

Not having a go, didn’t see the initial conversation and just found out a bit odd

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To be clear, my poll was intended for anyone who isn’t a cis man. The initial conversation was that I proposed ‘menless Monday’ and someone suggested adding the ‘cis’ I think in a good-natured way of nurturing full inclusivity. It was voted on so I went with it. I’m really sorry if it’s othering, that was never my intention and I, like all of us, am still learning.

If I’m honest I very nearly @ed or messaged you for your input but didn’t want you to feel singled out.

Sure. Just putting forward my view which is that the division of cis and trans men is awkward and unnecessary, and implies that trans men ‘fit’ with women and nb people more than cis men. Really can’t imagine there are any trans guys who would object to a day for women and enbies to have the spotlight?