DiS getaway 2024

Hello I am a longtime user and member of the DiS getaway 2022 crew.

In 2022, a group of us went away to a nice big house in Pembrokeshire for three nights, and (speaking for myself at least) had an absolute blast. We cooked, drank, played games, chatted, went on walks, rested, swam in the sea. Personally, it was a really beautiful and fun weekend and I have lovely memories :heart:

We were all really keen on the idea of doing similar again, possibly in somewhere less remote/more easily accessible by public transport.

This would take some organisation (mostly selecting and booking accommodation suitable for everyone)

I’m going to do a few polls to guage interest first.

  • I am very keen
  • I am interested
  • I am interested/keen but would struggle to attend
  • I am very unlikely to attend
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Anyone with specific needs like transport, cost, pet care, child care, drugs and alcohol policy… please know we are, as a group, committed to being as inclusive as possible.

Also if anyone wants to bring a non-diser too that’s fine.

If you would like to attend, when would be a good time (roughly)

  • Early April
  • Late April
  • Early May
  • Late May
  • Early June
  • Late June
  • Another time
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I’ve created this account for this specific purpose just cause it’s easier.

I’ve put interested because it’d definitely be dependent on a few things but I’d be absolutely down for this!

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I loved that trip so much, so peaceful and full of my favourite ways to relax with people (walking in nature, eating delicious food, chatting, playing board games etc) and I’d definitely be up for another trip


Yeah, I think I’d be able to make this this time.

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These dates are not commitments btw, it’s just to get a rough range for a later poll on possible weekends

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Late May/Early June is out for us at the moment, assuming we go to Primavera. We don’t have any other firm plans though.

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Would love this very much.

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I would love this, but absolutely am not in a financial position to be able to do this. Soz

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Woah already what an amazing crew we are assembling. Anyone who wants to come but can’t make it will of course get a postcard/small gift and will be very missed!!

  • this sounds like a lovely idea!
  • I think with family and work commitments I’d struggle to make it
  • if it happened to be held somewhere idyllic like the Norfolk coast/Broads then I’d endeavour to come along for the day, but don’t let this be a consideration. I’ll accept a postcard from the DiS Getaway elite!
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I last minute bailed on 2022 due to mental health issues so I really want to do this


I think I would probably find it a struggle to be social, but it sounds like something I would have liked

a getaway is certainly something I cannot manage alone, though. I guess there wouldn’t be pressure to be social if I couldn’t cope

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Thank you :heart::heart:

This was ace last time - really chill, no pressure to do anything, great food (apart from the pasta that I ended up sitting in vaguely hot water for about half an hour because it wouldn’t boil :sweat_smile:).

I’m easy in terms of location and timing. I’d also be happy to part fund a place if anyone would like to join but might struggle with the cost.

We did some sea swimming (with some minor injuries), a beautiful cliffside walk, cooking, baking and sharing meals, playing board games, and other such relaxed fun.


I think easy transport would be a big factor in making this easier for me - albeit somewhere with a beach where we can sea swim!

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Last time we all understood that some of us would need to peel off and have lots of alone time and I think that was very well respected all round

(Apologies if anyone didn’t have that experience)


omg the tiffin, I still drool


Also btw I volunteer to find accomodation (with the help of polls) and can pay for it and organise reimbursement etc.

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I’m getting excited by the thought of all this!!!

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Are u sayin wot I think ur sayin