DiS getaway 2024

Not great in big groups and might be logistically difficult for me but I’m glad this exists and hope everyone who goes has a great time


I think it will probably be easier to do a Google form to gather relevant info (including preferred weekends, access requirements, preferences about location, amenities etc.) as next stage.

Will do that this weekend


It’s in social because this is a new account. Maybe a mod could give me the necessary permissions tho.

I put you on trust level 2 so I think you should be able to post in Serious Matters (lmk if not). I can move the thread there if you want?

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I don’t mind tbh, it might be good to have it here in case any recently returned users would benefit


:drum: FAO everyone who has expressed interest :drum:

Please complete this form, thank you :smiling_face:


Amazing, thank you. Just to double check, is the accommodation amount total or per night?

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yes sorry it is total

I realise it seems a bit confusing cause the increments are quite low (like under £50 would not be much if everyone paid that!) but I wanted to be inclusive of people who won’t be able to afford/contribute to expensive accommodation

don’t think anyone has selected the less than £50 option so far

I think we could aim for something like… 2 nights at £50 pp/pn and and see where we end up

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