DiS Getaway: A Long Weekend on Loch Long?! May/June 2022 - Response Required!

Doing this as a new thread for maximum #exposure

What? A long weekend getaway for DiSers to hang out and go for walks, swim(?), play music / board games, eat/drink, hang out… whatever anyone feels like!
When? May or June 2022. Looking like May 20 - 23 at present, but will ask availability for June 24 - 27 as well given I messed that one up in the original poll.
Who? Anyone welcome so long as you have some kind of post history (doesn’t need to be substantial!) and you’re not a troll. You’re welcome to bring one partner/friend. In the highly unlikely event that more people want to come than there are beds, places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

ardmay 1

The clear victor in getaway destination voting was this spectacular residence situated right on Loch Long with private access to the Loch, panoramic living room views, two pianos and games room.

https://www.ardmayhouse.com - Full details

It’s not looking certain at the moment that we will have enough people to make this work (I can fund a couple of places working on the basis that someone will take them nearer the time), but it’s special enough that it’s worth a go.

Getting there: You can get the bus or train from Glasgow to Arrochar from where we can arrange pick-up. If it’s a lot easier to get to another area within around 30mins car journey we can work with that too :slight_smile:

Cost: Currently working on an even split of £49 per person per night, so £147 for the three nights. Booking is via Airbnb so we would need to pay upfront. I appreciate this is higher than I was aiming for, so if you’d like to go but would struggle with the accommodation costs then let me know and I will do my best to sort something out.

Rooms: As can be seen at the above link, there are a small number of private rooms available (all singles - double is reserved). These will be allocated on basis of disability/health requirements first and then on general preference. There are also three bunkbeds - my proposal is that bunkbed sharers get a small discount based on voluntary overpayment from those with private rooms / double beds etc who are able to do so.

Want to join us?

DM me with the following information by end of Sunday 26 September:

  • Which dates can you make? (20 - 23 May / 24- 27 June)
  • Will you be bringing a non DiSer?
  • Do you have any room requirements/preferences (e.g. private room or double bed)?
  • Would you consider a bunkbed (likely discount)?
  • When would you be in a position to pay?
  • Do you need any support with costs? (Will obviously handle this sensitively - please, please do get in touch if you want to come!)

If you have any questions then ask here or send me a message!

If we’re not close to the numbers required by Saturday we will move on to the smaller properties, with priority given to those who signed up to attend this :slight_smile:


I would love to do this, but what with being in another country and international travel still being a risk, I can’t committ to it at present I’m afraid.


Can you swim in the loch?



I have DMed my deets :slight_smile:

Opting for a private room to save you all from my snoring and talking shite in my sleep :+1:


I won’t be coming but this sounds very fun and I’m sure you’ll all have an amazing time.

DM sent :sunglasses:

Also sent DM

I don’t even go to normal meet-ups so this would be too big a step for me, but if you did end up going to this location and people could use a lift from Glasgow I’d be happy to help out (it’s a nice part of the world to drive in, and only an hour from Glasgow so no hassle - we’re not listening to Radiohead on the way though).


Tuesday bump.

Have DM’d you :blush:

Tbh I’m not wild on the idea of Loch Lomond just because almost a whole day of travelling is a bit much for only a weekend away.

(it’s about 10 hours each way, which is more like 2 days travel tbf)

we can make the travelling fun if we plan ahead and go as a group

have always fancied the night train, tho it isn’t particularly cheap

At the moment it’s not likely we’ll have the numbers for it anyway, but I’ll update at the end of the week.

I might do a bit of a search at the weekend just to see if anything new has popped up.

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It’s more about the time off work/spending two days travelling for three days holiday

But aye, I’m sure we’ll have fun whatever we do.
I can always read on the train :nerd_face:

I just looked at the sleeper train and remembered exactly the same thing I thought the last time I looked at it… looks like fun, but I would either be asleep - in which case, way too expensive - or I’d stay up all night really excited/admiring the scenery and then be a zombie the next day.

If we did it day time, imagine train beers over that kind of distance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but also :crazy_face: