DiS Goodreads group


This group was set up like a year ago (not by me) and I thought there was a thread about it but couldn’t find it so here we are!

I couldn’t figure out how to post topics or anything in the app (and in the process of trying and failing, got shrewbs to add me as a group moderator because I’m power mad), but it works fine from a browser on my phone. Have started a couple of topics asking for recommendations, please feel very free to start some more and basically do whatever you want!

I took the liberty of changing the group from public to private, so you just have to give your dis username in order to join in. All are welcome.

Sorry shrewbs et al if I’ve messed things up for you, I just got really enthusiastic about this off the back of the writers thread!


cool, I started it and was gonna add all the books people recommended in the rolling thread but then got bored and wasn’t sure what else to do with it so feel free to go wild. Can everyone start discussions on it or just moderators?

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I think everyone should be able to start discussions, but apparently not in the app :woman_shrugging:t3:


:laughing: :+1:

if i join this do i have to start reading cool books instead of trash


Depends, what trash are you reading?



Hey everyone, turns out you don’t have to give your DiS username to join. I got in without telling WR who I am.

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:exploding_head: :exploding_head:

Edit: Ahhh, I see what you did you sly motherfucker you


Couldn’t resist.

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Good Reads app is a bit weird with what can/can’t do vs the website sometimes. Can’t start a topic in it, but can reply to one.

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Did you know that your username is also the Swedish word for hug?

I did not. But I am glad to know this!


In Norwegian however, it is the word we use for when the snow has the right texture (is wet enough) that you can make snowmen and other things from it. We know how to have fun.

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Might start using “Det er kram!” as a compliment. I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense.

Even better. I am now considering my real name to Kram Fun-snow.

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I assume everyone else always sees goodreads as goo dreads


I do now!

I joined but I still dont really get what i’m doing on there.

Making lists and rating things!!!

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