DiS Google Hangouts Meat

In lieu of an IRL meat does anyone fancy sitting drinking a beer / non alcoholic alternative one evening?

  • This is a good idea and I would attend
  • This is a horrible idea and I won’t attend and I hate you for suggesting it
  • Not for me pal but good luck to you

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  • This week
  • Next week, I need time to tidy the house

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I’d join and watch. Maybe put you on my tv.

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Save it for…


This week means today? Had to double check what day it is oops. Happy to try today or another day

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will attend cos if good it might be the best thing of the year

do you mean today?

Sorry didn’t mean today meant this COMING week or the week after that.

There is a way we could set this up as a kind of open invitation, isn’t there? (is there?)

Like a video version of the @anon19035908 tavern?


You mean Thursday?


If anyone has G Suite you can set up a meeting on http://meet.google.com/ you get an invite code

do i need to download something



Would be nice to have an excuse to put some make up on

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I haven’t worn a bra in several days now. Work sent a thing round saying we shouldn’t WFH in bed. I know. In case our laptops over heat and we set ourselves on fire or something. Didn’t say anything about bras though. Please be assured I will be fully clothed for any DiS Meat.


I could make a dischord server (IRC chat basically) and have YouTube DJ sessions also if people are interested

We gonna do this I’m so bored


Zoom might be better, it focuses on who is talking which is really helpful

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I only wear my sports bra now tbh. Love it.

This is now the bra thread