DiS Google Hangouts Meat

Anyone have a pro Zoom account? Free version only does calls of 40 minutes at a time.

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use something else then


but the backgrouuuunds


Think @Aggpass does

I do indeed but I’m using it tomorrow for Friday virtual pub with some irl pals. Happy to use it for future meats though


Can’t believe me you’re putting them above us tbh :roll_eyes: ‘IRL friends’ indeed


I’m at mt zoomer (niche wolf parade ‘joke’ there)


i’ll take your word for it

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Time kinda depends on when the kids are in bed. G gets to stay up late with just us on Fridays so it’ll be later on probably. Also despite M knowing that I post on here etc, this might end up being well weird for her, me :smiley:

Won’t be before 9pm tbh

Please don’t.

You can just log back in after it chucks you out tho, right? Maybe?

let’s try ZOOM then and see what happens

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I have a call with irl friends tomorrow so won’t make it

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will there be music?

Nice that there’s a skin smoothing feature

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My wife is going to be so thrilled that I’ll be twatting around with you lot instead of spending time with her


Get her annoyed with you first so she’ll be glad to be rid of you

At the moment that is…not difficult

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We can have a jam session. I’ll dig out the ukulele.

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