DiS Grapple Club 2: The bloodening (WWE Network Centric)


The next ppv is


WWE Backlash 2001


The Dudleyz vs X Factor in a six man tag match. What a PPV opener. What the fuck even was X Factor?


I’m watching this now, been a really fun opener. Watching Spike get thrown around is one of life’s great pleasures




Haha I judged this harshly pre-match but it was actually quite enjoyable. Enjoyed seeing WWE Performance Centre Head Coach Prince Albert.

Looking forward to ‘Kurt Angle Competes in a 30 minute submission match’ later on.


I think Albert was always underrated as a big man during the early 00s. All the guya on that match could work and it were reet fun


Did quite well as Giant Bernard over in Japan didn’t he? Don’t think he is even 30 in 2001.

Rhyno is actually about twice as wide as he was in 2001 now. I didn’t realise he was ever quite so lean.


Yeah i knpw right

Got a good feeling about this show. Enjoyed that match a lot as well


I do too actually, those two opening matches were the ones that looked least enjoyable on paper and both were actually pretty decent.

Willie Regal as commissioner was brilliant.


Don’t think there’s a bad match in the show, although there’s not much that I’d call a classic.


Actually I forgot about the Hardcore match, that was a hard watch


Tim White. Remember that fucking horrendous storyline where he wanted to kill himself and it was meant to be funny?


Regal is an absolute star. You can see exactly why they’ve kept him around for so long.


I’ve decided to skip the Chris Benoit match. Don’t think it’s for me. Not sure I will ever want to watch his matches back.


I love how heely the dutchess match is.


It’s brilliantly booked.


Thats completely understandable. Its usually what they say on commentary and how they describe benoit which puts me off


oh is this the one with the “queensbury rules” match v jericho? not seen it since it originally aired but I remember it being a lot of fun, even if it is just a play on that austin / dude love match



It’s an awkward watch from that point of view, but they did really well to keep a 30 minute submission match interesting and Angle’s heel tactics are superb throughout.

(Watched the whole thing last night btw, just hadn’t put my notes in order yet)


I was going to say that you had a superb memory!