DiS Hand Parade Competition 2019: Submissions close EoD Today

If you wish to take part, please PM me a photo of your left-hand palm up with a plain white background.

Tomorrow will begin the annual DiS Hand Parade 2019

Please sticky pin this @moderatars

I would just like to point out that of all of the submissions so far, ONE PERSON has followed the (very few) rules


TWO now

(out of the 7 entries so far)

Do we need to resubmit if we haven’t followed the rules?

I think even on a white background tho peeps will remember what photo they submitted. Maybe it would be more fun to have other dissers guess which hand belongs to whom

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This sounds thrilling

Off to the office bathroom I go


To photograph my hand

Not wanking


If possible

I don’t think we were genuinely going to guess our own hands…


Yes! That’s how we’ll do it.


Genuinely struggling to do this as I’m left handed and really cannot opperate the phone on my camera with my left hand.

Can’t we just look at our hands when we guess?

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My inbox is just a sea of hands :heart_eyes:

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No cheating!

High Fives for ma0sm

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How many entries?

18 so far

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wow, can’t wait for this

will you give a list of all entrants and we have to match them up to the hands?

Yeah, pretty much