DiS Hardship Fund Fundraising Event

Just to clarify for people who weren’t around or don’t remember previous raffles, the prizes are all donated by DiSers and can be anything from something you’ve made or a service you can offer, to a product or goods.

I could potentially assist if needed

I think it’s the collating entries and dividing them up by what prizes people want/don’t want to win that would be a bit of a challenge for me. Also I don’t think Paypal do money pool anymore so would need an alternative.

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I’m already excited about being completely unable to do any work on certain days due to this

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anyone know how much we raised last time?

must have been quite a bit

Examples of prizes from the previous raffles

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I don’t know anything about the finance side but could probably help with collating who wants what etc

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not sure what I could supply as a prize, with one exception…

  • a lesson on how to play Countdown would constitute a prize
  • TheBarbieMovie2023, you cannot submit torture ideas to the raffle

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Digging up the old thread

£1150!!! Really impressive.


It’s meant the fund has been in great shape until recently I believe (as well as the regular donors obviously)


Can people swap prizes if they want, or is that not in the spirit of the raffle? Raffles make me v anxious

In the previous ones you could select which prizes you were eligible for, but I don’t see any harm in privately arranging a swap.

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The 2019 raffle is the reason that I own the complete Murder She Wrote boxset tbtw.


That must be 2018, this is the 2019 one



So excited for raffle time to be back, thank you so much for doing this!


Oh yeah! Forgot there had been more than one, I didn’t really engage with this and then had massive fomo afterwards

Thanks to everyone who filled in the anonymous forms for prizes they’d most want. Unfortunately, me and safebruv nuddy wrestling in a paddling pool of olive oil in the Britons Protection beer garden hasn’t been cleared by the Health and Safety Executive.


Haven’t done anything yet! I’m going to speak to FL about just how much work is involved.

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Well, thank you for even entertaining the idea in that case!

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Would definitely buy tickets. Not sure what I could supply as a prize. Great to see it being resurrected though.