DiS Hardship Fund Winter Raffle 2019 DRAW THREAD 🎊

O’Shea’s obviously


Yesssss… gonna give to me gran for xmas.

Bit concerned the master has raised your expectations a little here!


To follow up with a bit of info ref. my prize of the charity donation, i am delighted to win as i’d like to make a donation to a charity called Jay’s Aim.

Jay’s Aim was set up after one of my Brother’s best friends tragically died of a cardiac arrest while out for a run, aged 28, on Fathers Day a couple of years ago, leaving a fiance he was due to marry a few month’s later, and a 6 month old son. He had a hereditary heart problem that he wasn’t aware of. In tribute to Jay, and to try and reduce such death’s in the future, his family set up a charity to arrange heart screenings, teach CPR, and to raise money to fit defibralators in many sports clubs and public spaces in and around Devon and Cornwall.

There is more information here

I know they will be ever so grateful of the donation. Thank you


I’ll make you a guide!


I’d like to announce a massive, massive thank you to @anon89873996 and @ynot for organising everything.

And a massive, massive thank you to @ynot and @colon_closed_bracket for donating the £50 Dishoom voucher. I feel incredibly lucky for winning it.

I had a lot of fun there last night. The food was exceptional and there was even a band playing on the balcony.


That was quick!


I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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Could you message me a delivery address please? :blush:

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This is absolutely heartbreaking. I will make a donation too xxx

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how did the date go?!

It went well mate, thanks for asking :grin:. Were fun explaining how’d end up with a voucher for Dishoom with someone I’d only met a couple of times.
We met to Kensington planning to go round the v and a late night but chat went that well at the restaurant we just hung and chatted some more afterwards.


Excellent! @ynot and I are buying our hats.


Hi @WizardLizard had a think and could my donation go to akt please. For those who don’t know them:

I was fairly set on donating to a homelessness charity. What swerved me to this is that a mate works closely with LGBT homeless stuff in the north-east, and hearing some of the stories recently this felt like the right thing to do.

Thanks to Wizard and the raffle organisers! x


Amazing, thanks OM! Will make this donation asap :slightly_smiling_face:


If anyone was wondering there are still 23 individual prizes to be won, and out of the original 80 entrants 76 people can still win another prize. Only 4 people haven’t got any prize options left.

Here is a list of the remaining prizes.


Some real corkers left :+1:


So I’m still in with a chance for a crude bird


You’ve got a 1 in 32 chance. It’s a popular prize.

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tbh as one of the last people to be drawn last year (though i still won a wonderful Nots record from @anonymous) I was really surprised to come out so early this time and get my top pick. It’s a very generous prize as well and I almost feel strangely guilty for winning such a good un. Thanks again @nav!

In summary: god bless the raffle!