DiS Hardship Fund Winter Raffle 2019 DRAW THREAD 🎊

I’ve had to duck out to go and collect my kids for the weekend, but just wanted to say that I am beyond super-excited about my prize of a bespoke chessboard courtesy of @anon89873996.


Omg me too

Can they go into a calendar for a prize for next year?


Woohoo, records out and records in at Casa de Zowee then. Lee Ranaldo and Spiritualized - very happy with that!

Thanks @Richie_Ronco and of course FL and the gang. Excellent work.


is it not opening for you ?

Anyone else it’s not working for?

This is class.

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I’m out for the evening with no phone. If you win the lesson and don’t really want it, can you politely sort it amongst yourselves so I can switch back on to a world of pleasantness when I get home?

Thanks :ok_hand:

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Ok, since stopping and now I don’t have the distraction I have realised just how sick I feel (plus, couldn’t even eat half my usual amount of pizza :frowning:), so I think we are going to need to finish things tomorrow. Really sorry, just not sure if I will be awake, or if I am I don’t know that I could concentrate enough to not screw up.


Sounds like a break would do you good my friend! Please rest and take care of yourself, we can wait :heart:



Rest up FL, you’ve done an amazing amazing job.


Wow!!! I’m so happy, thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

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Haha just remembered what inspired my prize


Happy to wait. Thank you very much

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Don’t thank me yet!

This is beautiful :heart:

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Just opened a ‘photo project’ on a photo services website. Exciting!


Thank you for your patience guys, I will hopefully get a bit of daytime raffling done tomorrow so it doesn’t all have to wait for the evening. Just glad I got the first round done so no one is waiting for a first prize!

@Tuna DM me your address for your prize, I am famously bad for posting in an expedient way so it might just make it to you in time for you returning to the country!

@meowington, @manches, @whiterussian and anyone else who needs connecting with their anonymous benefactor I’ll get onto passing on contact details in the morning, feel free to send me a DM and it might help me remember faster.

If anyone else has any questions or problems just write here or DM me and I’ll do my best to help :+1:

Thanks every one for participating, this has been a lot of fun so far! Was on autoraffle mode for a while so some is quite a blur, looking forward to when I get to read back through the whole thread :grinning:

Goodnight :wave:


Thank you soooooo much flashy! Today has been so much fun xxx


The effort you’ve put in is once again a thing to behold

Also I feel like a Dickens protagonist being connected with an anonymous benefactor, which ofc is very christmassey indeed


That is excellent

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