DiS Hardship Fund Winter Raffle 2019 DRAW THREAD 🎊

Is it possible to opt out of further prizes? Really happy and grateful for the one I already won.

Sure if you want but don’t feel you have too.

I’ll also be opting out.

I’ll have to if I’m carrying out the draw anyway and I’m more than happy with the prize @anon89873996 picked for me.


The remainder of the raffle will be drawn between 6pm and 8pm this evening. Unless @anon89873996 is feeling better and wants to finish it before then.




I am still in a bit of a state, health-wise, I am very happy to hand over the raffle keys to you to get this thing done :+1:

Is there a prize receiving thread yet?

Not yet, I will start it :+1:

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No rush :slightly_smiling_face: just come back from the post office that’s all.

Here you go:


@zorb you 100% sure you want me to remove you from the draw? You only have one prize option left. I’m sure others won’t mind if you win again.

I’ve removed myself from the remainder of the draw for obvious reasons.

I’m sure, very happy with my current prize haul. Thanks for checking.

Also the following users have been removed from the second round.

@harru @anon40717000 @songforsaturday @Scout @Cristaltips as they have already won a second prize before the draw was abandoned on Friday. If more prizes are still available after the 2nd round then you’ll be back in play.

Hopefully I’ve got that right.


I’m all set for later, 69 people remain in the running for second prize.

Note, I won’t be drawing pieces of paper as I’m at work and that will look odd. But I have an excel macro that will draw a random code. I hope that is fine with everyone.




Here is the prize allocation list from last Friday. I’ll be updating this as the draw progresses.

Sad that I’m going to be missing this tonight but EXTREMELY EXCITED to have a bumper thread to plough through later :smiley:

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I tried to buy a beer for my prize last night but got IDed and didn’t have any on me

(Thinly veilved I could pass for under 25)


Not long now!

Massive thanks to @ynot for stepping in to finish this for me. This is such a rubbish timed illness to strike part-way through raffling :frowning:


I’m not getting my prize until more like mid Jan (which works better for both of us, no issues there!) so the idea of having that waiting and a potential prize to also have sooner is making me pretty excited :smiley:

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I’m just off for a walk to get HYPED, as I’ve not left my desk all day.

Bring it on.