DiS Hardship Fund Winter Raffle 2019 Prize Reveal Thread! 🎉

Hello and welcome to the prize reveal thread for the 2019 edition of the DiS Hardship Fund Winter Raffle! :confetti_ball:

We have a hopefully exciting range of prizes donated by many, many generous folk and I would like to give my really sincere thanks to everyone who has provided a prize :heart:

I’ll be revealing the prizes throughout the day here, and then tomorrow morning there’ll be a new thread with information on how you can buy a ticket for a chance to win one of these fabulous offerings.

Just a reminder too, the raffle is being held this year on Friday the 22nd November.

On to the prizes then…


A bit of housekeeping before I start with the prizes:

  • massive thanks to @Adrianwebb for helping me set up the prize submission form, she’ll be stepping aside as admin for the next stage though because of other commitments.

  • @ynot will be handling technical matters for the rest of the raffle process now :slight_smile:

  • I have done my best to transfer all the prize info over from the spreadsheet accurately, if I have gotten anything wrong about your prize please don’t hesitate to contact me to correct things.

  • Thank you to prize offerers who provided pictures, for a few I am really sorry thst I can’t get them to work to show up and it became too much of a battle with the quantity of prizes I had to get through so I am really sorry if your picture isn’t showing up :frowning:

  • I will be starting the prize reveal much earlier than planned, because (so very completely not surprisingly) my plan to do it on a day when R should be with his dad has fallen through as last thing yesterday night he sprung on me that he could only see him for a couple of hours :upside_down_face:. You still have until 11am today to submit any last moment prizes.

  • because of the above, the reveal will be very stop/start, please bear with me.


Prize 1
Donated by: @anon5266188
Prize: FM20 (Digital Copy)
A digital copy of the world’s leading football management simulation Football Manager 2020

Quantity available: 1


Prize 2
Donated by: @laelfy
Prize: A box of salted caramel brownies
A box of chocolately brownies, oozing caramel from the middle will be sent to you in a box that will fit through your letterbox so no need to collect from a depot. These are not just any brownies, these are laelfy brownies. Inside UK only for freshness reasons. Please don’t choose this prize if you have food allergies.
Quantity available: 2


yessss Christmas I

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This is all very exciting!

Are we allowed to post in here, or do you want to keep it as a clean list of prizes? Happy for the mods to nuke this if so


Post all you like, the reaction and discussion is the fun part :grinning:


Really sorry again for having to start so early, might not get through it all otherwise.

No it’s good, I’ve got loads on at work today so at least I get to see some reveals in real time before I have to go dark

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Gentlemen, you can’t post excited reactions in here, this is the raffle prize reveal thread!!


Prize 3
Donated by: @anon19035908 (featuring @Bamnan) Prize: The 2020 Funkhouser Selfie Calendar Apparently a lot of you are fond of my giant ugly face, so why not monetise it for a good cause! You will win a 2020 calendar featuring 11 new and exclusive selfies of me making various gurning expressions and probably using some props and that. Here is the best bit though. The 12th picture will be an exclusive and sought after Bamnan original drawing of me, the winner, and possibly Bam himself having a lovely time together and that’s reason enough to enter alone to be honest.
Don’t know how much shipping will cost as will be sent direct from the website I use to order it but location shouldn’t be an issue tbh.
Quantity available: 1


I never knew I needed this but I do


Nobody needs this.


Can confirm that these are incredible.

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Prize 4
Donated by: @hankscorpio
Prize: BEERZ
I will buy you a selection of excellent local beers as closely matched to your taste as I can get (you’ll need to tell me what you like, in as wanky beer centric language as possible). Within 10 miles of me I have Unity, Staggeringly Good, Vibrant Forest and probably some more I’ve forgotten. You’ll receive three beers, probably cans because they’ll be easier to post plus maybe some surprises if I can find anything suitably…surprising. Probably won’t be gluten free but I can get vegan beer if you want .
Quantity available: 1


Prize 5
Donated by: anonymous
Prize: A bespoke short story written by a published DiS author
The winner will receive a bespoke short story, written from scratch especially for them, which can include up to FIVE suggestions, references or ideas of the winner’s choice. For example, you can provide up to five names, locations, themes, situations, historical settings (historical boyfriends?), etc. – or none at all. Completed short story will be suitably high-brow/wanky and a minimum of 2,000 words long (and quite possibly many more!).

Last year’s prize was very well-received and the fact that the recipient no longer posts on DiS is (we believe) entirely coincidental and not caused by the short story in any way, you can’t prove anything.

Once received, the short story is entirely yours to do with as you wish – cherish/share/publish/destroy/ridicule/pass off as your own/all of the above – as appropriate.

Please allow up to 3 months for completion of story, but hopefully sooner. Either way, an entirely unique and bespoke short story, crafted by hand with much love and care and thought, will be yours much quicker than a single like from some people.

Short story will be written in English, mother tongue of Donald Trump, Ian Holloway and the Chuckle Brothers (RIP), but that’s nothing that Google Translate can’t fix.
Quantity available: 1


Prize 6
Donated by: @guntrip
Prize: A bunch o’ beers from the North East
Happy to tailor selection to individual needs/tastes. Could tailor towards gf beers, maybe vegan ones, if winner wanted that.
Quantity available: 1


Prize 7
Donated by: @colossalhorse
Prize: Bespoke Hot Sauce
As per last year the winners and I will thrash out a recipe based on their preferences (as vague or as specific as they like) and then their sauce will be cooked up, bottled (in a 250ml bottle) and mailed to them with a label and an almost certainly pun-tastic name.
As it’s perishable goods and I’m not sure of the laws over sending sauce abroad it’s best to be in the UK. I’d say the EU is fine but lord knows how that’s going to shake out… Recipe to be decided with the winner so any food intolerances will be taken into consideration then. 100% vegan unless requested otherwise.
Quantity available: 4


Having had a taster of Cherryweather Plum Pavilion sauce I can confirm that you all definitely want some sauce.


Prize 8
Donated by: @escutcheon
Prize: Personalised Podcast!
A ten-track or an hour-ish music podcast put together in collaboration with me. It can be anything; a podcast about music you like, or for a pal, a gift, or even an episode of the Monday Graveyard! Whatever you fancy. I’d have final say over the content, so as to not have me say anything I disagree with. I’m open to all suggestions, however!
Quantity available: 1