DiS Hardship Fund Winter Raffle - An idea on how to submit prize preferences this year.

Hi All,

@Flashinglight asked me for some help in finding an easier way for everyone to submit their prize preferences this year. Last year everyone just sent a list of prize numbers which then had to be manually collated into a spreadsheet. Also I was a little fiddly for everyone to compile their lists and we did have a few duplicates if I remember rightly.

So I have come up with an online form which will automatically capture the entries into spreadsheet which I can then work with to make some lists (and interesting stats) for @Flashinglight

We now have a slightly different and hopefully more straightforward approach. Instead of rankling each prize in exact order, you rank it between 0 and 10.

0 meaning you are not interested in that prize. Or if you can prefer you can just not bother rating it and only rate the prizes you are interested in.

10 then being the prize(s) you are most interested in, and 1 being the least interested in.

You can use the rating system how you want. If for example there is one prize you want above anything else (like a markee like), then just rate one thing as a 10. Then you can rank a few things at 9, all the way down to 1. Or you could rate your top 9 in an exact order and everything else rated 10 meaning you are interested. Any prizes ranked the same, will be randomly allocated to you.

Hopefully this will be straightforward and self-explanatory. Would some of you mind having a look and submitting a test entry so we’ve got some data to work with for when the real prize list is ready.

Note this is last years prize list, which might give you inspiration for this year.



Feedback welcome.

  • Good idea this looks a lot easier
  • Use the old manual list method.
  • Something else, please explain.

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Can someone bump the raffle thread where you can submit prizes?

Done. Seems much easier. Just to clarify, we can pick more than ten prizes to be interested in and have more than one ranked at each number?

Really think this idea will help things be a bit easier, I know last year people said ranking was a bit difficult to do with so many prizes. I think ranking each individually is a bit easier than ordering, I hope so at least.

Here you go:

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Yeah use it how you want you can rank multiple things at the same level.

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Yep, can rank them all ten if you were really interested in everything thing. Just gives me an idea where to allocate prizes to people to make sure they get to people who want them.

Most important part is giving a 0/no ranking to things you definitely don’t want.

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Awesome. Yeah then this is a really good way of doing it.

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Whatever’s easiest for fl and everyone helping!

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Hoping this is easier for all parties, think it was a really great idea from @ynot.

I did this test, but half way through forgot ti was a test and started to get excited about the gifts before I saw my podcast one.


It’s working, I can see the submissions going straight into my spreadsheet.

Thanks @Flashinglight, @Funkhouser and @sheeldz, but keep them coming.


Wonder if a smaller number range might make it easier all round? For example a 1 to 5, with 5 being most wanted and 1 being ‘don’t want’.

Although as you’ve explained I guess you could just use a few numbers and ignore the rest?

You could, use it however you want - so you could maybe do 0,2,4,6,8,10 or something if you wanted less steps to work with.

It is only a way of ordering your own personal preferences, your list will be looked at in isolation from the others if/when you get drawn to wim a prize, then I will look to pick something as near the top of your rankings as is still available.


If you only wanted 5 things you could give entry whatever you want 5 to 1, 10 to 6. Or even 10,8,6,4,2.

Or if you only wanted 5 but don’t care which you get, make them all 10 or all 1.

Also you only have to rank the prizes you care about, ignore everything else.

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Bump for the lunchtime/afternoon crew.

A few test entries and feedback would be appreciated.

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