DiS Help Needed (Work Leaving Present For a Music Fan)

So, the person who sits next to me at work is leaving. Not sure it’s because he sits next to me, or there is some other reason. Anyway, I’ve been chosen to get him a leaving present with the whip round we had. FFS.

I kind of know him, but not amazingly well, and I don’t want to get a voucher, or joke present so wanted to get ideas. The only plus point is that I know he loves music, and math-rock especially. He loves festivals etc. Budget is about £20 I think (very small company and not many people chipped in).

Any ideas? I thought along the lines of a book ‘1001 Math Rock LPs You Must Own’ or something that is not expensive, and has a bit of thought put into it. He does like beer, so a collection of speciality beers might be an option too, if a bit of a cop out.

Comedy answers also accepted of course. If I fail, I will at least fail laughing.

A calculator and a stone sellotaped together



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Moth Rack

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Shyeah, Right! I don’t even own a moth, let alone many moths that would necessitate an entire rack

Oh, oh oh!

Mushroom Log!

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maths rock

I know you said not vouchers but a Seetickets gift voucher is my suggestion.

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If he’s into math rock maybe some kind of craft beer

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Don’t think there’s a hell of a lot of math rock literature out there, if any.

I think anyone who likes booze and is at least moderately discerning on that point would be more than happy to receive a leaving gift containing delicious booze that they like.

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Hire a pair of headphones for him and a mate at the Arctangent silent disco.


Actually I did not even realise gig vouchers existed so this might be a really good solution. It’s neck and neck with a calculator taped to a stone anyway.


9/8 really isn’t difficult ffs

no one who likes beer has ever been given good beer and been unhappy with it

Get him a calculator and a walkman so he can do maths whilst rocking out.

Subjective though innit. I have ‘friends’ who think Stella Artois is good beer