DiS Help Needed (Work Leaving Present For a Music Fan)

All beer is good

I think it’s specific enough to his interests to show you put some thought into it. :+1:

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Get a voucher for a local independent record store… and strap a calculator to it

Hr can buy vinyl or gig ticket with it. Buying for a niche small indie usually shows some thought as opposes to a mega store vouchrr such as Amazon

Print this out and get it framed


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Right, I couldn’t respond much yesterday as on phone, so wanted to post properly. Thanks for all the responses. I love the idea of a record, a nice edition of something, but not sure if he has a turntable. When out, I’ve bored people with pictures of my Instgram feed record collection and he’s not really responded…other than a glazed look on his face, so it probably means he doesn’t collect records.

We’ve actually got about 40 quid, I think there was a late surge, so I am probably going to split down the middle, 20 on a voucher and 20 on beer. Here in Reading there is a decent beer shop called The Grumpy Goat, so will select a handful from there. 20 is probably about 6 bottles/cans, so a respectable amount. I will shove them into one of those wine carrier things to make it look ‘classy’.

Still tempted to tape a calculator on a rock for ‘teh lulz’.

Thanks again people!


Get a marker pen and write Pythagoras’ theorum on a nice rock.

I would consider that very good gifting :+1:

Thought I would follow this up. Here is the gift. Couldn’t seem to be able to buy SeeTickets vouchers at all, so got these. They sell Pixies and Black Midi tickets so I thought that would do.

If you wonder about the thing in the bottom left, part of my job involves writing eTickets, vouchers and passes for various things so I mocked up a train ticket for him too.

Thanks again everyone, he seemed chuffed.