DiS heroes appreciation thread

Ooooooo I’ve got a piece of cake next to my name!

Why do I have a piece of cake next to my name?

Anniversary of you signing up :+1:

Proper cake season atm as it is around the new dis anniversary too.

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Ah OK! Thanks

I would like to nominate @Flashinglight for explaining cake to me


You get this type of cake :birthday: on your birthday as well if you have entered it on your profile (just want to really earn the nomination here)


Thanks for this sarcastic mench Anthony, really make me feel good. especially after my request in that “ask for a compliment” thread a while ago went ignored.

Anyway, people have said a lot of stuff about me in my life but “trying his hardest” has def never been one of them

Sorry about that post, Smee. I’m very fond of you x


You have lovely curly hair😊


Yeah it completely didn’t break my heart at all hahahaha

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(I’m joking it was a very good bit)

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I’m serious!

you’re all heroes to me

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Yeah, disappointing miniature versions of better things.

I’m obviously biased but following it up with the incredible drama of Blind Date 10 was a feat as well

Unless we’re talking pubes you got the wrong guy

This. I was very nervous going to that but everyone was lovely. I’m not from Brighton so hopefully I’m still included in your statement :wink:


I’d like to nominate anyone who hasn’t received a nomination, for general services to the community. No denying that there’s a LOT of good eggs round here, but this community feels greater than the sum of its parts.


You are ABSOLUTELY included

OK take away curly and the point still stands.

Shouting out @ttf (or is @ttf2?) All round great chat, always love their contributions, low-key one of the funniest posters here and consistently good opinions.