DiS’ hiatus etc

Finally writing about why DiS is on hiatus from publishing… is there anything you’d like to know about it?

It’s still here :wave:


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How’s the money situation Sean?

Separate from the article, are you managing okay with all the change and that?


Are you alright? :blush:


Thank you for asking.

To be honest, not really but DiS is only a fraction of the reason why.

I’m sorry to hear this mate. I know this probably doesn’t mean much but I for one am grateful that you keep this little community going.

Hope whatever else is going on in your life improves - and never feel like you can’t talk to someone :hugs:

  1. Hugs x
  2. Do you know why my payments have been stopped? Just got an email from PayPal saying they had been stopped by drownedinsound. I don’t check my email regularly so maybe others have had this too?
    Putting this here publically in case other members want to check the status of their monthly payments.
    I’ve now got an outstanding balance of £15.00

Mine went through okay on 10th June

Yeah, mine went through the other day too.

That’s very odd. I haven’t touched anything. Is it maybe trying to take funds form your Paypal rather than from your card?

Woah! Wait! What?!

I’m utterly blown away. Just logged into PayPal for first time in a couple of months as I have bills to try to pay and there’s over £1000 in there. Am incredibly touched by some of the generous donations but also but all of the regular smaller ones which collectively will ensure these forums can continue.

Thank you so much, truly.


Hmm. Possibly. I rarely use PayPal as I hate it for personal/work related reasons so don’t put any money in my PayPal account, if that’s a thing?
It definitely said drownedinsound had stopped the payments though. I guess I’ll log in and try to set it up again.

My payments have been going through ok so I’m guessing it’s an issue your end. Worth flagging with PayPal I guess, although I have no idea how these things work.

That’s really weird as I’ve always got money in my account :money_mouth_face:
Anyway, will investigate later and get my payments back on track!

Can anyone explain how to set up a recurring payment through Paypal?

Once again, I’m asking for you support to keep the forums online. [/Bernie Sanders voice]

I’ve written a thread and would appreciate it if you could share or maybe quote tweet with an example of why these forums are important to you.


Sorry, missed this reply at the time. Options here if you’re still keen to support us:

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I’ve increased the monthly amount I pay.

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