DiS Hunger Games (the third version of this, I think)

Will @anon5266188 learn his lesson, or will his taste buds yet again override his “these are clearly poisonous” thoughts?


Can I reclaim my crown? CAN I? CAN I?

Katness EverdeIN

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This is really fun, thanks for running it again.

Need to get revenge on @Kallgeese for killing me last time

When I did a second version of it about a year ago I just copied the first version (which was just people with most likes or posts or something like that) and did apologise in the OP if someone had been included when they wouldn’t have wanted to be, but I realise that’s not really enough and hadn’t thought about people getting notifications, so sorry about that, it was inconsiderate.

Hopefully changing it this time eliminates anything like that and it’ll only include people who want to be in it.

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I won the last time, didn’t I? I’m going to retire undefeated, in keeping with the canon of the books/films.

still haven’t read/seen them

Manches Breverdeen


No that’s understandable, particularly if someone didn’t know it was happening/what it was it could be upsetting, it was thoughtless.



He doesn’t appear to have been online over the last couple of hours, so likely hasn’t seen your message in the other thread yet.

Hi, I’ve just seen and replied to your post in the previous thread, I haven’t been online this afternoon. You’re right that it was thoughtless and I’m sorry about that. I didn’t intend for anyone to be upset and I apologise.

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I also thought it was a bit shit getting included without being asked and was a little bit shocked by it at first but I ended up enjoying it once I understood what was going on (plus you don’t have to do anything) so IN

My favourite thing on this Hunger Games generator is “x confuses a scorpion for a delicate dessert”

Early Shakira lyrics needed revising

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I’m in!

Warning anyone who’s still thinking of signing up, I’ve been practicing my archery skills all afternoon.


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I’ll have you know I’m a dab hand with a potato masher :muscle:

I hit in when scrolling and I can’t opt out as there’s no second option to change it to.

Please don’t include me in this @SenorDingDong as I’ve no idea what it is

No probs, will leave you out

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