DiS Hunger Games

May the odds be ever in your favours, motherfuckers:

Tributes were determined by choosing the users with the most likes, minus some non-actives. Please commence alliance-forming, trash talking and pleading for your lives.

The games shall begin when I get back from lunch.

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What do I have to do? Kill Epimer? I can live with that


oh my god

@Severed799 @marckee hi guys

There can only be one winner, so ultimately you will have to kill him, yes. But you are from the same district, so you are notionally teammates until that moment of crisis comes.

climbs tree and hides

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Ah right ok, may as well just skip to the end though innit

District 5 gonna eat you all alive

@anon82218317 @Lo-Pan

Can I be Effie Trinket?

The Lord of Sheffield and the Prince of Ourense.


@aggpass @profk

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Could do with all of these likeable pricks getting done over.


I assume that the most ruthless competitor will be the one with the highest likes received:given ratio?

Don’t worry Lonzo, all but one will be!

Left me out to give everyone a chance…classic dis

Back of the queue, pal.

Not enough

:hocho: :clown_face: :hocho:

@Kallgeese and @Icarus-Smicarus You guys just chill, I got this.


It will be the one who apologises last.

Wtf, you can’t put three Scots in the same district, that’s too strong a starting advantage.


except you. I’m on to you

Might as well declare me the winner right now.