DiS, I have a confession

Some years ago, when I would see DiSers chatting about Indietracks on the music boards, I genuinely thought it was some big in-joke and that Indietracks didn’t exist. Looking at the band names I just couldn’t believe these were real bands being discussed, playing at a festival called INDIETRACKS.

I remember being in a pub in Brighton and I heard two guys talking about Indietracks, so I assumed they were DiSers taking their in-joke off the boards and out into the real world.

I was wrong. There really is a festival called Indietracks that people go to. There really are bands with names like Kirsty & The Skirting Board, Chirpy Meringues and Pikachu’s Cousin. And actually, it sounds like quite a nice festival.

So there you go. I am sorry.


I think Chirpy Meringues is a great name for anything!

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Milky Wimpshake

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I think they’re from somewhere in Tyneside. If I’m thinking of the same band, one of their side projects played a gig with my band at one point.



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I assume that most things discussed on here don’t actually exist


Netrunner is actually just an elaborate joke that I’ve over committed to and now can’t drop.



How was the Kurdish folk festival mate

HA. That did actually happen. I have photo evidence.