DiS is Goodbye


Had a little tussle on the social board. No big deal, really. But I got banned, apparently.

I don’t remember the first review I wrote for this site, it was maybe Band of Horses’ EATT. Gave it an 8, maybe shoulda been a 9. Now I write for a dozen different magazines and TV and film. I owe it all to DiS.

No hard feelings, I love you guys. I’m gonna leave you with this.

Love on, ya


You don’t seem like a very nice person, sorry.


Yeah not sure this is a ‘tussle’


But actually oR has tended to post interesting and decent stuff, which is a shame.


weird man GO AWAY


do think he/she said they were drunk yesterday so maybe just still pissed? Still kind of a shitty way to not apologise.


That’s would be an explanation rather than an excuse.