DIS keeps crashing my browser


I’m using Opera. Obviously, the first thing I’ll do is try using a different browser. I’m pretty sure, though, that it’s do with the big advert with sound that moves around and stops me from scrolling fully through a thread.


Do you know specifically what advert that is? Does Opera have Flash disabled by default?


Flash is up to date and is fine on other sites.

I can never quite tell what the advert is about. It appears to either side of my screen and at the top and moves when I move my mouse.

It’s not showing up at all right now though. Right now there are no adverts appearing except at the top which do not cause any nuisance/


Only reason I ask about Flash is that it’s a security flawed, deprecated technology that’s disabled by default with most browsers. If you’re the only one seeing this, that ad may be written in Flash.

Only a guess, but might be a workaround in the meantime if it happens again.


In a different browser it seems to be OK - the advert isn’t there. Cheers.


It’s a wow factor for me using this forum cos works extremely well on blackberry z30, well you know mobile sometimes can be more responsive than pc based!


I guess I oughta get it sorted on my phone. For when I’m on the bus.


Abover try your default browser that might be for defo well stable!