DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!


Obviously #SSP.

Who’s here? Not that you’re obligated to post here or announce your orientation or identity or anything. Just thought it would be cool to have a thread to tall about all sorts of different experiences about being non-heterosexual/cis-gender — whether you’re fairly new to this (like me) or have been in the club for ages. (Don’t remember seeing a catch-all thread and couldn’t find one in search.)

Hello! :sparkles::rainbow:


This was a good listen from all-round top egg Helen Zaltzman recently:



I think I’ve mentioned it on here a bit? Hahaha


Nice flags you gals have tbf, saw a few of them in the parade yesterday of course


This looks really interesting (not really on podcast book though tbh).


Don’t want to bring the thread brown but : (


*Swedish actual Nazis have been given permission to hold a four day demonstration outside the RSFL’s (https://www.rfsl.se/en/about-us/kort-om-rfsl/) premises in Almedalen this week. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Almedalen_Week

Almedalen week being extra important this year due to it being elections here this autumn

Fucked up


Any officials said anything about the reasoning behind allowing this?


The NMR have been permitted to march & demonstrate in many places under ‘freedom of speech’ laws but in some cases have been moved on if the local police have perceived their demonstrations as a public order risk - which they almost always are

Not heard of permission for a 4 day protest at somewhere as sensitive as Almedalen before but I guess the Gotland Police are perhaps not the most diverse outfit in the land and they have final say.

Seems bizarre though. There’ll no doubt be editorials in the morning.

A bunch of colleagues are at Almedalen this week and we (Amnesty) have our offices in the same building as RFSL here in Stockholm and obviously work a lot with them on HBQTI+ rights. I think we might even be sharing some facilities with them at Almedalen so I’ll ask around & report back. It’s well fucked up though. Hope the Gotland police see sense & move them on/shut them down


As an antidote to the above;

This thread yesterday gave me a very warm glow


So, got more info

It’s like this. The original decision given in January was that the NMR were not allowed to take part in Almedalen week or to hire any space in Visby for the week or indeed the two weeks before of the week after.

They protested & appealed the decision and finally were given permission to use the public speaking platform in the main square for 1 timetabled hour per day for 4 days straight. The platform is right next to RFSL’s big marquee there.
The reasoning given comes down a local politician called Hannes Müller who argued that all political opinions are valid as long as no law is broken or threats or hate speech made…but you can get a flavour of this guy;

Shaking my head

Rough translation; “Even Islamists, Nazis & Feminists ought to be welcomed at Almedal Week as long as they behave themselves like people”


When will people understand that hate speech is not protected by freedom of speech ffs


Yo, probably a surprise to no one here as I may have mentioned it once or twice.

Sad to see the Pride events in Istanbul once again curtailed by the police - I got caught up in it in 2015 and it was pretty shocking (sorry for the PN link but it was that or the Torygraph)



I may have missed something here, but what’s the issue with Pink News?


I’m into women


it’s quite conservative


Its run by Benjamin Cohen who’s a massive tory and their awards in the past awarded Cameron “ally of the year” AFTER the Brexit result and other such nonsense.

They also openly supported UKIP marching at Pride.


what LGBT news sites/podcasts etc do people like?

I used to read autostraddle a lot but not sure if it’s still good


On my commute to work I pass this place at the side of the motorway that I think is a yard for a roadwork type company(?) usually have 3 company brand flags flying. This month they have 1 company flag and 2x rainbow flags and it actually made me do a big smile because you’d think companies like that are usually run by your 'auld da’ types who say “…not Adam and Steve” way too often.

Just made me feel a wee bit good about the world for 30seconds. Small potatoes I know, but good on them.


Ah yeah, I remember that now.


I really like Nancy, its very US-focused but can be very interesting. https://www.wnycstudios.org/shows/nancy

POC (Podcast of Color) is really good for PoC queer issues and very funny (the episodes are always near the 2 hr mark tho so could do with some editing at times) https://www.podcastofcolor.com/

Making Gay History is a series of interviews mostly from the 80s and 90s that historian Eric Marcus recorded during his time as a journalist and some of them are brilliant. makinggayhistory.com