DiS LGBTQI+ Thread!

colour me surprised that no other country in Asia has legalised gay marriage yet. Thought Japan and South Korea at the very least might have gotten there by now.


Yeah, I was going to express my dismay at this too but wanted to keep my post celebratory.
Fucking mad how far the world still has to go, isn’t it.

still celebratory imo - one country leading the way may very well have a domino effect / inspire LGBT+ movement and politicians in other countries to keep up the good work. would be surprised if it takes more than 5 years for Japan to legalise it off the back of this


Yeah I’m genuinely surprised at that too, hope this starts more of a trend across countries.

Also, tbqh I was a little surprised it wasn’t already legal in Taiwan.
I got really into this tv-show a couple of years ago.
Bromance https://g.co/kgs/u7RDJT
It has strong homo-erotic vibes (even though the two main lovers are actually a man and a woman) and the characters make progressive comments about gayness (eg. It’s fine)

Sorry, that’s really badly worded. Rushing to type in the office corridor.

LGBT Labour AGM is in a few weeks btw if anyone wants to go

Get in Taiwan you legends


Japan has a terrible human rights record

their offence of rape still requires “violence” or intimidation rather than just lack of consent

and they still require sterilisation for trans people to have their gender officially recognised.

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Would be very surprised if SK legalised any time soon - there’s a growing and well organised evangelical population (lots of megachurches and the like), and they are much more socially conservative and vocal than the Catholics / Buddhists / atheists. I hope I’m proved wrong, but can’t see it being on the cards in the near future.

Japan is more likely as it doesn’t have the same religion issue (although it has an age problem instead…).


Some stuff here re: attitudes in SK http://en.asaninst.org/contents/over-the-rainbow-public-attitude-toward-lgbt-in-south-korea/#9

Bit out of date but don’t think the picture will be all that different now? Might have a look for new research when I get home - would be interesting to see.

I dunno…Japan is a deeply, deeply socially conservative country. It’s only a decade since Hard Gay was a national comedy phenomenon (if you’re unfamiliar with HG, it’s a sensitive nuanced portrayal of a gay man in much the same way that It Ain’t Half Hot Mum was a steely eyed interrogation of the crimes of Empire). I think it will take a while.

they also give no notice to people condemned to death - literally get told on the morning of their execution, which I find weirdly cruel.

Oh for sure, just meant more likely than SK since they were listed together in the post I replied to. Think last time I saw a poll there was a slight majority in favour. But that doesn’t equate to a likelihood of it happening, especially where there is a very entrenched and conservative establishment. There needs to be fundamental political change before there any chance of it, and there’s no real sign of that at the moment.

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Attitudes towards sexuality have changed significantly in that time though - although it’s of course very possible for people to be in favour of gay rights and still be insensitive / offensive. I went to uni in Japan in 2013/14 and the University had an LGBT society (mostly made up of Japanese students) that had posters all around, and seemed quite active. A few of the foreign students were open about being gay, and never experienced anything negative (but I get that foreigners are largely held to different ‘standards’).

Interesting. I left in 2008, and from what I could tell then LGBT rights weren’t on any social agenda. It’s good to hear that there seems to be some progress.

Oh good, Pride Month, the month I spend silently seething over brands using rainbows in adverts! Yay!


My sister was on TV today, and I’m dead proud of her.


That’s the whole thing that irks me - it’s not teaching about sex, it’s teaching about family. Hopefully by the time our kids grow up, we’ll look back and wonder what on earth was going on.

Thankfully Jimbo’s already aware that not everyone has a mummy and a daddy - the twins born to the lesbian couple in our NCT group are his best friends, and we also know a gay couple who’ve adopted as well. There’s so much other bullshit prejudice - imagine deliberately excluding stuff like this and misleading kids into thinking families fit just one or two happy models :grimacing:


Reckon they should extend the teaching to adults, including a module on how harmful it is to not support people